UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam Dumps

UIPATH-ARDV1 Exam Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | Exam Syllabus | Exam Objectives

Exam Details for UiPath-ARDV1 UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0:

Number of Questions: The exam consists of approximately 60 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions.

Time Limit: The total time allocated for the exam is 180 minutes (3 hours).

Passing Score: To pass the exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 70%.

Exam Format: The exam is conducted online and is proctored. You will be required to answer the questions within the allocated time frame.

Course Outline:

1. Variables and Arguments:
- Understand the concepts of variables and data types
- Define and use variables and arguments in UiPath
- Implement variable and argument scoping and data manipulation

2. Control Flow:
- Implement decision-making and branching using flow control activities
- Use loops and iterations to handle repetitive tasks
- Manage exceptions and handle errors in workflows

3. Data Manipulation:
- Extract and manipulate data from various sources
- Use DataTables and Excel activities for data handling
- Perform data filtering, sorting, and transformation operations

4. Excel and PDF Automation:
- Automate tasks involving Excel spreadsheets
- Extract and process data from PDF documents
- Use UiPath activities for Excel and PDF automation

5. Orchestrator Management:
- Understand the capabilities and features of UiPath Orchestrator
- Configure and manage robots and environments in Orchestrator
- Schedule and trigger robot workflows using Orchestrator

6. Advanced UI Automation:
- Implement advanced UI automation techniques
- Handle dynamic selectors and manage UI elements
- Interact with web applications and browser automation

7. REFramework and Workflow Design:
- Understand the concepts and structure of the REFramework
- Design and implement efficient and modular workflows
- Use best practices for workflow design and reusability

8. Asset and Credential Management:
- Manage assets and credentials in UiPath
- Securely store and retrieve sensitive data
- Implement asset and credential automation in workflows

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand and utilize variables and arguments in UiPath.
2. Implement control flow activities for decision-making and looping.
3. Manipulate and handle data using DataTables and Excel activities.
4. Automate tasks involving Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents.
5. Configure and manage robots and workflows in UiPath Orchestrator.
6. Apply advanced UI automation techniques for dynamic UI elements.
7. Design efficient and modular workflows using the REFramework.
8. Manage assets and credentials securely in UiPath.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following topics:

1. Variables and Arguments
- Variables and data types in UiPath
- Variable and argument scoping and data manipulation
- Variable and argument usage in workflows

2. Control Flow
- Decision-making and branching with flow control activities
- Looping and iteration techniques in UiPath
- Exception handling and error management in workflows

3. Data Manipulation
- Data extraction and manipulation from various sources
- DataTables and Excel activities for data handling
- Data filtering, sorting, and transformation operations

4. Excel and PDF Automation
- Automating tasks involving Excel spreadsheets
- Extracting and processing data from PDF documents
- Using UiPath activities for Excel and PDF automation

5. Orchestrator Management
- Overview and features of UiPath Orchestrator
- Robot and environment configuration in Orchestrator
- Workflow scheduling and triggering using Orchestrator

6. Advanced UI Automation
- Advanced UI automation techniques in UiPath
- Handling dynamic selectors and UI element interactions
- Interacting with web applications and browser automation

7. REFramework and Workflow Design
- Understanding the REFramework structure and components
- Designing efficient and modular workflows
- Workflow design best practices and reusability

8. Asset and Credential Management
- Managing assets and credentials in UiPath
- Secure storage and retrieval of sensitive data
- Asset and credential automation in workflows

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UIPATH-ARDV1 Sample Questions

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UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0
Question: 163
How should exceptions be handled? Select all the options that apply.
A . By using Try Catch activities inside the workflow for unexpected application exceptions.
B . UiPath handles exceptions by default.
C . By validating data using conditional blocks for business exceptions.
Answer: A,C
Question: 164
You need to collect employees data and send it by email as an Excel file.
What type of workflow is the most suitable for the final part, which adds the file attachment, formats the email, and
sends it?
A . Sequence
B . Flowchart
C . State Machine
D . Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)
Answer: C
Question: 165
In which workflow in the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template is the TransactionNumber global variable
incremented by default?
A . Process workflow
B . GetTransactionData workflow
C . SetTransactionStatus workflow
Answer: C
Question: 166
Is it possible to reprocess a transaction in a Queue after its failure due to
an application exception?
A . No, transactions cannot be processed again if they fail.
B . Yes, if the Auto-Retry property of the Queue is enabled.
C . Only transactions that failed due to a business exception can be reprocessed.
D . Yes, it can be retried manually on the Transactions page.
Answer: B,D
Question: 167
What is the slowest method of reading text?
A . Native
B . FullText.
Answer: C
Question: 168
How can you dynamically change parts of a selector?
A . By using variables to replace the dynamic parts
B . You cannot have dynamic components in a selector.
C . By adding parameters from the Properties tab.
Answer: A
Question: 169
Question: 170
Question: 171
What is the slowest method of reading text?
B . Native
C . Full Text
Answer: A
Question: 172
You want to build a Dispatcher process to populate an Orchestrator Queue for parallel processing on multiple robots.
Which activity should you use to add a queue item for each work item?
A . Add Queue Item
B . Add Transaction Item
C . Get Transaction Item
Answer: B
Question: 173
Scheduling a process is done from:
A . Orchestrator Server
B . Not Possible
C . UiPath Studio
D . UiPath Robot
Answer: A
Question: 174
Is it possible to write to a text file without using the Write Text File activity?
A . No
B . Yes, using the Invoke Method activity
C . Yes, with the Invoke Power Shell activity
Answer: B,C
Question: 175
What is the best practice to stop an ongoing job in Orchestrator?
A . By terminating it.
B . By cancelling it and using a Should Stop activity inside the workflow.
C . The process can only stop on its own.
Answer: A
Question: 176
In which workflow in the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template is the TransactionNumber global variable
incremented by default?
A . Process workflow
B . GetTransactionData workflow
C . SetTransactionStatus workflow
Answer: C
Question: 177
While automating an installation wizard, a pop-up window may or may not appear.
What can you use to close the window without stopping the workflow?
A . Use a Click activity inside a Try Catch activity.
B . Use a Click activity with the ContinueOnError property set to True.
C . Use a Click activity and set its TimeoutMS property to 30.
Answer: A,B
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Garmin Forerunner 265

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Garmin Forerunner 265 Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT+ Battery existence Up to twenty hours

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Why We love it: We’ve long been enthusiasts of the 200 collection Forerunners as a result of they supply runners basically each darn characteristic they really need, without any bloat, at an affordable cost. however, proper innovation in watches seems to have stagnated just a little and now we’re seeing even the decent, cheap watches get brilliant new features—and shiny new expense tags. The Garmin Forerunner 265 is still a somewhat stripped down version of the pricier Forerunner 965, but now it gets a extremely bright AMOLED reveal. Forerunners have typically had a just a little dim monitor that’s great for battery performance. These new displays, youngsters, are brilliant—think iPhone or Apple Watch. To manipulate battery, which you can choose to disable the “all the time on” screen or modify the brightness (restricted to 3 stages).

“I maintain my display darkish, however leave ‘gesture’ on, so the reveal will light up when I in reality carry my arm to examine it,” says Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate. “On runs, I leave the screen on the entire time—i really like that Garmin permits you to set distinctive settings for those two eventualities as well as in case you’re sleeping.”

apart from the reveal, the only real new stunning characteristic is practising Readiness. It’s accessible by means of scrolling down during the widgets and gives you a rating to allow you to understand no matter if you could tackle a hard workout. To do so, it components for your sleep, recovery time, HRV repute, acute load (how plenty complicated work you’ve been doing), sleep heritage, and stress levels. in short, it is aware of what’s occurring to your existence 24 hours a day to inform you when to push and when to back off.

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Garmin Forerunner 255 music

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Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT+ Battery existence as much as 30 hours

brief Take: An replace to a tried-and-actual GPS working watch, the 255 now tracks triathlons and has dual-frequency reception for more desirable accuracy.

Why We like it: if you’ve been a devoted fan of the Garmin Forerunner 200 collection, here's an upgrade value making. The Forerunner 255 song now comes in two sizes (41mm and 46mm) in addition to versions that play music or don’t. Regardless what flavor you select, the 255 continues to be probably the most utterly-featured GPS operating watches, making it one of the vital best values. The fee has risen $50 this 12 months, however we feel it’s a good rate given the 255 supports triathletes for the first time—triathlon mode immediately adjusts your displays to demonstrate you the appropriate metrics on your undertaking, plus tracks transition times.

The largest new function, youngsters, is the multi-band reception, which permits the watch to receive two alerts from a satellite tv for pc concurrently to clear out any inaccurate facts elements. We locate this watch tracks as correct as any other mannequin accessible.

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Apple Watch extremely

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Apple Watch ultra Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, mobile, Wi-Fi Battery existence up to 36 hours

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Plus, it’s certainly one of a couple of watches to hit the market this 12 months with dual-frequency GPS, leveraging a 2d sign from satellites to significantly enhance accuracy. a brand new “action” button on the side can be custom-made to promptly launch apps or take splits. This isn’t absolutely new—Garmin has lengthy had “hot keys”—however it’s a easy function from a smartwatch that changed into essentially managed through a touchscreen and makes it tons more convenient to make use of should you’re working with gloves.

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The greatest alternate for this version, although, is the introduction of dual-frequency reception, which Garmin calls “multi-band.” In our testing, we’ve discovered the ensuing maps after our runs completely align with the exact path we ran—no more errant zig-zagging because the watch loses signal. A bonus feature on the 7X mannequin, which looks insignificant except you truly use it, is a flashlight. even if your headlamp battery expires before you do, or you’re just navigating your darkish house on your technique to bed, you’ll discover it constructive.

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Why We love it: Coros distinguishes itself from different watch makers with the aid of its nearly endless battery life. every mannequin appears to closing longer than its opponents. The Vertix 2 is no exception, with a battery that allows you to go an astounding 140 hours (up from 60 hours in the first edition of this watch). that you can extra stretch its life via sampling your geolocation less frequently, and arise to 240 hours of use—useful most effective for hikers and multi-day ultrarunners.

however the greatest function of the Vertix 2 is using “dual-frequency” and skill to ping five satellite tv for pc systems. contemporary GPS working watches have gotten remarkably correct, with very few in fact errant tune features. however Coros’s use of dual-frequency was a primary for running watches. it really works by way of two diverse radio indicators that a satellite tv for pc sends and then filters out any that can also have bounced off a tree or tall building (which leads to an error in the place it thinks you are on the globe). The anticipated outcomes is a music that follows your exact route a whole lot more intently than watches with out this performance. In testing, we discovered our course nonetheless wobbled a little bit and cut corners, and the closing distance become in no way greater than a couple of hundredths of a mile different from a Garmin Fenix 6X seasoned or Enduro. but, in definitely complex situations, like heavy tree cover and cities with skyscrapers, it could possibly aid make certain your data is greater accurate.

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Apple Watch sequence 8

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Apple Watch collection eight Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, mobile, Wi-Fi Battery existence up to 18 hours

short Take: The usual smartwatch gets minor updates but maintains the larger, handy-to-read monitor.

Why We find it irresistible: The omnipresent smartwatch bought minor updates for edition 8. Apple Watch sequence eight now includes a wrist-primarily based temperature sensor that ladies can use for a “retrospective estimate” of once they ovulated. Apple additionally has expanded crash detection to encompass vehicle collisions, monitoring for facet-affect, rear-end, and rollover crashes. It maintains the better reveal (one-millimeter greater than series 6). That, mixed with thinner borders and a rounded side, makes it easy to examine data when on the flow—for instance, the tiny time of day within the appropriate-correct corner when the exercises app is operating. The glass is Apple’s most crack-resistant front crystal.

The watch still is available in two sizes—41mm and 45mm. And it nevertheless comprises fall detection and ECG, points that have been round a couple of years now. Runners in certain will like the at all times-on display, so that you don’t ought to exaggeratedly raise your arm to peek at your pace. That turned into introduced on series 5, though indoor performance became made even brighter with collection 7.

Morning runners will like that the watch costs quickly—from zero to 80 percent in just 45 minutes. Plus which you can extend battery existence by means of turning on low vigor mode to stand up to 36 hours. in the past, you’d need to vicinity the Apple Watch on its charger on a bedside desk in a single day.

Plus, sequence eight gets all of the new watchOS 9 points that had been previously announced, together with running vigor, triathlon mode, and advanced operating metrics like stride length, floor contact time, and vertical oscillation.

gold standard for Multi-recreation

Garmin Forerunner 965

highest quality for Multi-recreation

Garmin Forerunner 965 Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT+ Battery lifestyles up to 39 hours

quick Take: presents each working towards device a runner or triathlete might want

Why We love it:Garmin up-to-date the Forerunner 955 (each the photo voltaic and non-photo voltaic versions) to be greater correct than ever, thanks to multi-band reception. This enables the watch to get hold of two indicators from a satellite tv for pc and clear out any that may additionally have bounced or are inaccurate. It leads to enhanced tempo estimates for your run and cleaner maps for those who upload to your favourite digital practising platform. This exact-tier GPS performance consists of over unchanged to the brand new Garmin Forerunner 965.

despite the fact, there is no solar version of the Forerunner 965. If solar charging is essential function for you, you’ll must seize the prior Forerunner 955 solar mannequin. This triathlon-pleasant watch has a photo voltaic panel built in to the watch face, which can provide you an additional seven hours of run time—assuming you’re outdoor in the sun for 3 hours a day.

The colour maps, additionally obtainable on the Forerunner 945 and Fenix models, are an extra convenient function. Displayed on the watch, these maps assist you find your method around new cities with out getting misplaced. (within the 965, they’re less difficult than ever to navigate; Garmin expanded each the watch’s screen dimension and resolution from the 955.) You also can generate circular-travel lessons on the fly, no computing device required.

most reliable for trail-most effective Runners

Polar Grit X

ultimate for path-simplest Runners

Polar Grit X Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth smart, USB Battery lifestyles as much as 40 hours

short Take: Brilliantly simple maps in a small kit

Why We find it irresistible: Polar at last receives into the rugged, outdoors scene with the Grit X, designed to compete with the Garmin Fenix and Suunto 9. Like these other watches, it has a long lasting battery, navigation capabilities, and advanced workout tracking features. however, to your wrist, the Grit X is smaller than those other fashions. The battery will ultimate 40 hours in normal GPS mode (taking a place studying every second), and just like the Fenix and 9, that you may boost that lifespan by cutting back the frequency of its tracking—as much as 100 hours if it pings your location every two minutes and all other sensors are disabled. That’s not terribly valuable for runners in most situations, but for severe ultras and multi-day hikes, it’ll get you to the conclusion without an exterior battery pack.

When navigating, the watch is truly designed for trails and off-highway. There’s no map with highway names, which we omit, but when the aim is to hold you from getting misplaced, the breadcrumb does that. On lessons where we looped again over a trail or road we’d already run, the watch displayed our relevant path with a thick eco-friendly line (white traces indicate where you’ve been, or trails that you’ll cover later). It’s easier to observe than on any other watches that use a single colour.

one other easy characteristic for runners overlaying excessive terrain is Hill Splitter. This feature instantly detects should you birth hiking or descending, and will display how long you’ve been working the hill and how steep it's. if you’re doing a hill workout, it’ll also keep song of how many reps you’ve done.

Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth Battery lifestyles up to forty five hours

short Take: An elite GPS look ahead to working and triathlons that has an extended battery life and an intermediate rate

Why We find it irresistible: Packing exact GPS tracking and lasting battery life into a compact equipment, the Coros Apex 2 is a accurate-tier multi-game look ahead to learners and elites alike. The Apex 2 continues the numerous metric combinations present in the tempo 2, the company’s most most economical sports watch, whereas integrating some unique new facets that runners will embody. specially, battery lifestyles is up to forty five hours in commonplace GPS monitoring mode. It also gives you a slew of metrics you could view over 5 displays all over your exercise, together with records monitoring sensors that exhibit your heart price, physique temperature, and pulse.

ultimate Battery life

Garmin Enduro 2

highest quality Battery existence

Garmin Enduro 2 Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth sensible, Wi-Fi, ANT+ Battery life one hundred ten hours

short Take: lengthy battery lifestyles and navigation

Why We adore it: The Garmin Enduro 2 isn't any-longer a stripped down version of the Fenix for the sake of longer battery life. The most recent version of the extremely-persistence watch just about doubles the battery lifetime of the primary Enduro throughout endeavor, and lasts for a hundred and twenty hours in common GPS mode with optical coronary heart price active. Video producer Pat Heine-Holmberg used the wait for a month and a half, with GPS tracking on regular training runs and bike commuting to the workplace, in addition to a 15-hour run in the Alps with navigation, and simplest needed to recharge the watch once.

And, it’s convenient to pleasant tune battery efficiency to your adventures, in order for you even longer run time, and the menu makes it convenient to understand what number of hours you’ll benefit or lose by using turning diverse sensors on and off. daily-use elements like Garmin Pay, tune apps, and a splash display, definitely make it a tool of convenience on the go. For path adventures and ultra racing, the Enduro 2 now has entry to greater satellite techniques (and multi-band GPS, like the 255 above), topo maps for navigation, and even a good flashlight it truly is bright enough to make use of as an emergency backup if your headlamp fails on the trail.

most reliable for Android clients

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 seasoned

gold standard for Android clients

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 seasoned

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Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth sensible, Wi-Fi, LTE Battery existence 20 hours

quick Take: The gold standard smartwatch for Android clients

Why We like it: Do you use an Android mobilephone? Then the Samsung Galaxy 5 professional is the smartwatch you want to take working. The 5 professional has a titanium case and sapphire crystal face that makes it extra durable for activities, plus a bigger, 45mm face that makes running information simpler to peer at a short clip, and a 590 mAh battery that may go up to twenty hours with GPS on. give it an eight-minute charge earlier than mattress and it’ll music your whole evening’s sleep, or put it on the cradle for half-hour to fill the battery halfway.

We just like the advanced working metrics that the watch is recording at once out of your wrist. “On the go, which you could see your running asymmetry—I exaggeratedly bounded on my left foot to get a warning that i used to be unbalanced,” Dengate noted. “After my run, a abstract reveal gave me stronger detail on stride metrics like my floor contact time, flight time, vertical oscillation, and regularity—fatigue on the end of a run, for example—by showing me orange (improve), eco-friendly (first rate), or blue (extraordinary) dots.”

We also like that it means that you can comply with routes—a feature we use regularly on Garmin Fenix and Coros Vertix watches—or can “track route,” which is a breadcrumb path that you can comply with again towards your beginning element should you take a wrong flip.

As for accuracy, it’s noticeably shut but now not in the identical league as the most up-to-date GPS running watches which have twin-frequency GPS. “The Samsung health app does loads of smoothing to your mapped route in case you view it after a run, but if you add your run to websites like Strava you’ll see a line with a lot of jitter—notwithstanding I did not journey any extremely wayward elements,” Dengate added.

An LTE version will charge you an additional $50 and, like the Apple Watch, will mean you can make calls and send texts even for those who’re no longer carrying your mobile.

greatest cross-practising information

Polar Vantage V2

greatest cross-practising guidance

Polar Vantage V2 Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, USB Battery lifestyles as much as 100 hours

quick Take: lightweight, potent watch with advanced training equipment inbuilt

Why We love it: The Polar Vantage V2 has been revamped, and isn't any longer a part of the perplexing two-watch (V and M) collection. as a substitute, it’s a pricey, potent watch that takes the entire superior capabilities we love in the Grit X, however packs on additional efficiency trying out aspects geared for critical run practicing. Now that you can get a gauge on your VO2 Max from the watch itself, or get mid-exercising fueling reminders so that you don’t bonk late in a long run.

We additionally just like the new FitSpark feature, which implies workouts—electricity, cardio, or supportive—to enrich your running. “After a four-miler in a snowstorm, the Vantage counseled I do a 23-minute mobility pursuits to enhance my range of motion. A 5-minute warmup was followed by one-minute exercises like inchworm, scorpion, hip roll, and calf stretch,” noted Dengate. “An animated icon on the overview monitor suggests how to do each circulation, after which is changed by using a countdown timer while you’re performing the exercises.”

One knock on the watch is its track performance. sure, that you may manage music from the watch, but that just makes it a far off control in your mobile. There is no onboard storage for audio tracks. so you need to tote your cellphone if you want tunes.

Polar additionally offers a “Shift version” of the Vantage V2, which offers you the capacity to swap bands with any 22mm strap. The Shift comes with a perforated leather-based strap that appears extraordinary at the office and a rubberized strap that works greater for sweaty runs. From our checking out, we’ve discovered that it’s easy to change between the two looks daily.

top-quality standard Polar Watch

Polar Pacer seasoned

optimal normal Polar Watch

Polar Pacer pro

Now 12% Off

Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth, USB Battery life 35 hours

quick Take: A mid-tier tracker with advanced practising features

Why We adore it: Watches that charge about $300 are the sweet spot at the moment. For $200, you could get a fundamental GPS tracker. Or for $seven hundred and up, which you can get a top rate watch that does mapping and lasts days (or weeks) between fees. but the Polar Pacer seasoned is an illustration of the ’tweener that has an exceptionally lightweight build yet gets trickle-down facets from its pricier siblings. as an example, this graceful watch has a barometric altimeter, calculates operating power without external sensors, and has functions like efficiency assessments and Strava reside segments.

premier for Ultrarunners

Suunto 9

most efficient for Ultrarunners

Suunto 9 Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth smart, USB Battery life up to one hundred twenty hours

brief Take: A multi-recreation GPS watch that ultrarunners will love since the battery lasts for days at a time

Why We love it: every thing concerning the Suunto 9 is massive—even the face. however that makes it possible for it to pack in a massive battery so that you can outlast any run that you can do. Suunto claims a incredible a hundred and twenty hours with GPS lively the usage of the “extremely” setting, which information your geolocation best each two minutes. Bonus: If the watch senses that your battery is working low, it'll give you a reminder to swap to a different energy mode so it is going to ultimate longer.

Full assessment

most appropriate Fitbit

Fitbit sense 2

most desirable Fitbit

Fitbit sense 2 Key Specs Connectivity Bluetooth Battery lifestyles up to 12 hours

short Take: The strongest Fitbit for tracking sleep, stress, and healing

Why We find it irresistible: The feel is Fitbit’s priciest, most superior smartwatch. Already jam-​filled with fitness and exercising tracking elements, its 2nd edition adds a brand new feature referred to as “physique Response” to measure continuous electrodermal undertaking (cEDA). To do it, the experience 2 makes use of remarks from distinctive wrist-based mostly sensors, which trap biological markers like skin temperature and heart cost variability. When the experience detects spikes or shifts in readings, it flags them as body responses and alerts you to notice the way you are feeling and track your mood. this may support you home in on selected moments to pinpoint stressors and build mindfulness all the way through your day.

The sense 2 also lets you use your voice to manage it—by the use of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. That may additionally now not sound very interesting, but it’s an awful lot more convenient to just inform your watch what to do (like play song) than to hunt via menus when you’re running.

The sleek square-oval design affords a lot of actual property to examine splits on the run, even though we found the monitor doesn’t all the time gentle up when we raised our wrist, and the touchscreen is somewhat unresponsive to exceptionally sweaty fingers. What makes it stand out from other smartwatches: It presents all these sensors and around-the-clock health monitoring, yet the battery will go six days between costs.

Headshot of Jeff Dengate


Jeff is Runner-in-Chief for Runner's World, guiding the company's shoes and gear insurance. a real shoe dog, he is spent more than a decade testing and reviewing footwear. In 2017, he ran in 285 different pairs of footwear, together with a streak of 257 days donning a special model. 

Headshot of Amanda Furrer

check Editor

Amanda is a verify editor at Runner’s World who has run the Boston Marathon each year since 2013; she's a former professional baker with a grasp’s in gastronomy and she or he carb-masses on snickerdoodles. 


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