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Exam Specification:

- Exam Name: Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)
- Exam Code: PSD
- Exam Duration: 60 minutes
- Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-select questions

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)
- Understanding the role of a Professional Scrum Developer in an Agile development team
- Overview of the Scrum framework and its benefits for software development

2. Agile Software Development Principles and Practices
- Exploring Agile software development principles and values
- Understanding the core practices of Agile development, such as incremental delivery, continuous integration, and test-driven development

3. Scrum Framework and Roles
- Deep dive into the Scrum framework, including its events, artifacts, and roles
- Understanding the responsibilities of the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team

4. Agile Planning and Estimation
- Techniques for agile planning and estimation, such as user story mapping, relative sizing, and sprint planning
- Understanding how to create and maintain a product backlog

5. Collaborative Development and Continuous Integration
- Promoting collaboration and communication within the development team
- Implementing continuous integration practices for faster feedback and higher quality

6. Test-Driven Development (TDD)
- Understanding the principles and benefits of TDD
- Practicing TDD to ensure reliable and maintainable code

7. Refactoring and Code Quality
- Techniques for refactoring code to improve its design and maintainability
- Strategies for ensuring code quality through code reviews, automated testing, and code metrics

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the principles and values of Agile software development.
2. Apply Scrum framework and practices in software development.
3. Collaborate effectively within a Scrum development team.
4. Use Agile planning and estimation techniques.
5. Implement continuous integration and delivery practices.
6. Apply test-driven development (TDD) principles and practices.
7. Maintain code quality through refactoring and code reviews.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following topics (but is not limited to):

- Agile software development principles and values
- Scrum framework, events, artifacts, and roles
- Agile planning and estimation techniques
- Collaborative development and continuous integration practices
- Test-driven development (TDD) principles and practices
- Code refactoring and code quality practices

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Scrum-PSD Sample Questions

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Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)
Question: 33
Who writes tests in a scrum team?
A. Most junior developer
B. Product owner
C. QA specialists
D. Scrum master
E. The tester
Answer: F
Tests are part of the development, and the development is done by the developers. There are no specific roles in scrum,
even though members of the scrum team can have their own expertise.
Question: 34
The developers should have all the skills needed to:
A. Do all the work except for deployment
B. Complete the work in the within the foreseen time and costs
C. Create a potentially releasable increment from the product backlog items
Answer: C
Developers are cross-functional, this means that they have all the skills necessary to create value each sprint.
Question: 35
At the 10th sprint review, the stakeholders are disappointed and angry. They have determined that the product or
system being built both will not meet their needs and will cost more than they are willing to spend.
What factors may have led to this? (choose three)
A. Changes to the project plan were not adequately documented and shared
B. The product owner has not been keeping the stakeholders aware of the progress of the project
C. The project management office has not been engaged adequately
D. The scrum master has not ensured that the project is transparent
E. The stakeholders were not allowed to enter the development area
F. The stakeholders havent been using sprint reviews to inspect and evaluate progress
Answer: B,D,F
there is no project plan, the presence of stakeholders in the development area is probably not helping and there is no
project management. Transparancy would avoid the surprise for the stakeholders. If the PO didnt frequently update
them, this can also lead to surprise and disappointent. If the stakeholders couldnt attend the sprint review they would
also not be up to date and missing out on an opportunity to inspect and adapt.
Question: 36
What is a mock object?
A. A mock helps you create a build script
B. Mocks, stubs, dummies, fakes and shims are all the same
C. A mock is a way to initialize the database for testing
D. A test object that mimics the behavior of a dependency in the system under test
Answer: D
Question: 37
If multiple teams are working on the same product, each team should have its own product owner
A. False
B. True
Answer: A
One product owner per product backlog, one product backlog per product
Question: 38
The goal of the daily scrum is inspecting the progress toward the sprint goal and producing an actionable plan for the
next day of work
A. False
B. True
Answer: B
If you are not sure, review the daily scrum section in the scrum guide.
Question: 39
What is static analysis?
A. Analysis performed on software at runtime
B. A tool that inspects the correctness of static keyword usage
C. Work performed by the business analyst
D. Analysis performed on code
Answer: D
Static analys is performed on code (and not a running program or build).
Question: 40
What is a merge in a version control system?
A. Identifying a particular codebase as ready for distribution
B. Combining two or more versions of code into a single codebase
C. Copying a portion of a codebase to isolate it from the original codebase
D. Two or more developers working together to ensure proper coding and configuration management
Answer: B
Merging means combining two different versions of the code into one version.
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Scrum-PSD Developer PDF Braindumps

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surest Scrum developer certifications

optimum Scrum developer certifications

As massive tech organizations including Twitter and facebook lay off thousands of programmers, the job market turns into more and more aggressive.

As such, builders who are trying to find gainful employment and exact-tier compensation ought to find methods to set themselves apart from the group. probably the most how to do this is to enhance your education and work experience with certifications that are highly in demand and revered in the trade you’re in.

For Scrum developers who are looking to locate work on go-practical and self-managed Agile teams, listed below are the right 5 Scrum developer certifications:

  • professional Scrum Developer Certification
  • licensed Cloud Developer
  • licensed Java Programmer
  • certified DevOps Engineer
  • licensed Kubernetes skilled
  • Scrum Commitment and Values

    an authorized Scrum developer understands the magnitude of the five, core Scrum values.

    professional Scrum Developer Certification

    Employers desire developers that are immediately productive. They don’t want to waste time explaining utility building tactics and approaches to new hires.

    When knowledgeable Scrum Developer Certification looks on a programmer’s resume, an service provider knows that the application totally is aware here:

  • the intricacies of iterative and incremental building;
  • the value of the product backlog;
  • what to do during the every day Scrum; and
  • the way to participate on a move-practical team.
  • extraordinarily few programmers are certified as Scrum builders. A developer this certification on their basically stands out from the gang.

    Developer certifications in Scrum will also be got through a couple of agencies, however the premier designation comes from

    certified cloud developer

    modern application construction occurs within the cloud.

    A productive application developer on a Scrum teams must comprehend how to provision cloud-based materials, troubleshoot code within the cloud and overcome cloud-based safety and firewall issues.

    Employers know that the ability to improve and manipulate cloud-based mostly purposes is primary to up to date-day groups. A cloud developer certification on an applicant’s resume tells the hiring supervisor that you just bear in mind and can take full capabilities of the advantages of cloud computing for a application construction team.

    all the principal cloud carriers present a cloud developer certification. Cloud developer certifications from Google, Amazon and Oracle are all held in high regard.

    licensed Java Programmer

    agencies predict a software developer on a Scrum team to understand a way to write code. for this reason, every Scrum developer may still have a some classification of a programming language certification on their resume.

    as an instance, i admire to look a certified Java Programmer designation from Oracle on a resume, despite the fact that a company’s main language is Python or JavaScript.

    A Java programmer certification proves a developer is aware of here:

  • programming fundamentals
  • object-oriented concepts
  • functional programming
  • usual design patterns
  • trade-diagnosed certifications in different languages, such C# from Microsoft, also reveal to advantage employers that you've a powerful hold close of programming fundamentals.

    licensed DevOps Engineer

    Agile’s optimum precedence is the continual birth of application.

    An Agile Scrum developer ought to remember the toolchain that makes it possible for continuous application birth. DevOps certifications proves one’s abilities of that toolchain.

    the two most highly coveted DevOps certifications come from Amazon and Google. both are considered ‘skilled’ designations, which ability they go additional in depth than introductory or affiliate certs.

    each the AWS and GCP certifications cowl the identical breadth of topics, together with the way to:

  • put in force and manipulate continuous utility delivery systems;
  • combine with version manage tools together with Git and GitHub;
  • create components with infrastructure-as-code equipment akin to Terraform;
  • deploy monitoring, logging and metrics gathering techniques; and
  • control Docker- and Kubernetes-primarily based deployments at scale.
  • A Scrum developer licensed with the aid of Amazon or Google as a DevOps Engineer brings a qualification to the desk that few other job candidates possess.

    Agile and DevOps Differences

    The DevOps infinity loop suggests an iterative dev technique frequently embraced with the aid of Agile groups.

    certified Kubernetes utility Developer (CKAD)

    A Kubernetes certification is unusual, but it surely’s in reality a plus.

    A developer with mighty potential of cloud-native computing, 12 ingredient app building and the limitations of Docker and Kubernetes will assist streamline an organization’s microservices development and play a key position in its digital transformation efforts.

    The CKAD designation is provided through the Cloud Native Computing groundwork, a tremendously respected open source corporation in the cloud native computing house. Scrum builders with this certification have proof of competency in here areas:

    Scrum building teams that build cloud-native applications that are managed at runtime by using Kubernetes may be smartly-served to have an authorized Kubernetes utility Developer.

    Scrum developer certification merits

    In a aggressive job market, it's critical to reside forward of your competition. With these five Scrum developer certifications for your resume, you'll discover your Agile construction potential in incredible demand.


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