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Salesforce-Certified-Advanced-Administrator Exam Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | Exam Syllabus | Exam Objectives

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions and 5 non-scored questions

Time allotted to complete the exam: 105 minutes

Passing score: 65%

Registration fee: USD 200 plus applicable taxes as required per local law

Retake fee: USD 100 plus applicable taxes as required per local law

Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. Click here for information on scheduling an exam.

References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.

Prerequisite: Salesforce Certified Administrator credential

The Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should have hands-on experience as a Salesforce Administrator and have demonstrated the application of each of the features/functions below.

Security and Access: 20%

Given a scenario, determine the implications to record and field data access (Sharing model, controlled by parent, grant access by hierarchies, profile vs. sharing rules, communities’ security settings, field and record level access, sharing rules, field level security, and record types).

Describe the capabilities of Enterprise Territory Management and the implications for the sharing model.

Compare and contrast the capabilities of custom profiles, permission sets, and delegated administration.

Extending Custom Objects and Applications: 8%

Describe the appropriate use of relationship types when building custom objects (master-detail, lookup).

Auditing and Monitoring: 6%

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate tools for monitoring and troubleshooting system activity (debug log, set up audit trail).

Sales Cloud Applications: 10%

Explain how to customize and maintain products, price books, schedules, and quotes.

Describe the capabilities of forecasting (categories, hierarchy, quotas).

Service Cloud Applications: 10%

Explain how to create and maintain Salesforce Knowledge (article record types, data categories).

Explain how to create and maintain service entitlements and entitlement processes.

Describe the features of Salesforce which enable interaction between support agents and customers (chat, case feed, Service Cloud console, communities, omni-channel).

Data Management: 10%

Explain the tools and best practices for improving and enriching data quality (validation, managing duplicates, enriching, archiving).

Content Management: 3%

Explain how to set up and maintain Salesforce Content.

Change Management: 10%

Describe the options available to move metadata between environments (change sets, Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code).

Describe the capabilities and best practices for using change sets to move metadata between environments.

Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: 10%

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate analytic tools to meet complex reporting requirements (custom report types, reporting snapshots, complex charting, custom summary formulas, bucketing, joined reports, cross filters, dynamic dashboards, dashboard filters).

Process Automation: 13%

Given a scenario, troubleshoot an approved process.

Given a complex scenario, determine the solution using a combination of automation tools to solve a business problem (Process automation, formula fields, and when to use Visualforce and Apex triggers).

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Salesforce-Certified-Advanced-Administrator Sample Questions

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Salesforce-Certified-Advanced-Administrator dumps free
Certified Advanced Administrator
Question: 89
Universal Containers wants to ensure that the following opportunity fields are present on each record at the
negotiation/review or won stages:
Amount (Currency) us populated.
The Ready to Close (Checkbox) must also be true.
Which validation rule error condition should the administrator configure to meet these requirements?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: C
Question: 90
A change set that has already been submitted for deployment is missing a component.
What can you do in order to correct the issue? * (1 Point)
A. Deploy the change set and then submit another change set for deployment
B. Edit the change set, deactivate it and then add the missing component
C. Create another change set containing all components and deploy it
D. Clone the change set. edit the components and deploy it
Answer: D
Question: 91
An administrator at Universal Containers has been asked by the compliance team to understand end track various
sensitivity levels for its data In Salesforce. The administrator has enabled Data Classification end configured
appropriate sensitivity levels. The compliance team would Ike a report showing field level sensitivity and
What should the administrator recommend?
A. Run the standard Data Classification report.
B. Create a custom Entity Definition and Held Definitions report type.
C. Use the Data Classification Metadata list view.
D. Configure a custom Data Classification and Metadata report type.
Answer: D
Question: 92
Sales management wants to enforce a process in which the name of an account is always included in the name of an
How can automation be used to help meet this requirement?
A. Use approval process that routes newly created opportunities to management for data quality review.
B. Use an Apex Trigger on the Account object that adds the account name to the opportunity name.
C. Write a criteria-based workflow rule that updates the opportunity name concatenated with the account name.
D. Write a validation rule that updates the opportunity name with the account name using a cross-object formula.
Answer: C
Question: 93
Universal containers would like to ensure that when an opportunity stage is closed lost the reason is captured in a
custom reason lost field before the record can be saved.
What is the recommended approach to meet this requirement?
A. Create a trigger that requires reason lost to be populated once the opportunity stage is closed lost.
B. Create a workflow rule that fires on the closed lost stage and populates the reason lost field.
C. Create a page layout for closed lost opportunities and make reason lost a required field.
D. Create a validation rule that requires reason lost to be populated once the opportunity stage is closed lost.
Answer: D
Question: 94
An administrator at Cloud Kicks has enabled Territory Management and is setting up a territory model. Some users in
a territory need to access Contacts and Opportunities related to the Account.
Which two capabilities are available for users in a territory? Choose 2 answers
A. View and Edit
B. View. Edit, Transfer, Delete
C. View and Transfer
D. View Only
Answer: B,C
Question: 95
AW Computing it running a special bundle deal on monitors and keyboards. Normally, discounts need VP approval,
but this special bundle is pre-approved.
What should the administrator recommend for these requirements?
A. Create a separate price book.
B. Implement CP
D. Remove the approval process.
E. Enable Subscriptions.
Answer: B
Question: 96
Cloud Kicks needs to automate several updates to lead records and update unrelated records. Select changes should
happen every time a record is created or updated, Put other changes should only happen when the record is updated.
Which two options should the administrator use to automate these updates? Choose 2 answers
A. Use a Decision element with the "Only if the record that triggered the flow to run is updated to meet the condition
requirements" option.
B. Create a Process Builder that runs when a record is changed.
C. Create a flow that runs when a record is created or updated.
D. Use "formula evaluates to true" workflow rule with the ISCHANCEO function to make changes when the record Is
Answer: A,C
Question: 97
Which two types of data should a sales representative access from the Forecasts tab when using Collaborative
Forecasts? Choose 2 answers.
A. Opportunities that make up each forecast amount
B. Forecast amount for each opportunity stage
C. Forecast amount for each forecast category
D. Forecast amount for other representatives on their team
Answer: B,C
Question: 98
The support operations team has noticed some Invalid data In the custom Primary issue picklist field on case records.
They are unsure of what the issue is since the field is being updated by an automated procedure and there Is a
validation rule to ensure clean data on case records.
Why arc records being updated with data that violates the validation rule?
A. The data change Is triggered by an update record Flow element.
B. The field is being updated by a workflow field update.
C. The field is being updated by an Apex before trigger.
D. The user has the Modify All Data permission on the object.
Answer: B
Question: 99
An administrator has found a free app on the AppExchanged and would like to install it.
Which three items should the administrator take to consideration before installed he managed package? Choose 3
A. Custom objects and custom fields used by the app count against the orgs limits.
B. Managed apps do not undergo a formal security review by Salesforce.
C. Apps may require certain Salesforce editions or features to be enabled.
D. Apps may require external, third-party web services to function properly.
E. Apps must be installed in production before the app can be installed in a sandbox.
Answer: C,D,E
Question: 100
Select power users want the ability to make configuration changes to a specific custom object.
What tool should the administrator assign to the power users to enable this?
A. View Setup and Configuration
B. Delegated Administration
C. Sharing Rule
D. Modify All Data
Answer: B
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How do I edit a PDF for gratis?

All PDF editors are designed differently - however tools and layouts observe a similar sample. We’ve lined several tips on how to alter files within the most well-known paid-for and free PDF editors with our ebook a way to edit a PDF.

we've also highlighted the most fulfilling system in Sedja PDF editor in our e-book a way to edit a PDF for free of charge.

Is there a totally free PDF editor?

PDF24 Creator is a completely free PDF editor. it's freed from can charge, freed from spyware, and it's our pick for optimum free PDF editor standard. but there are a whole lot of marvelous free PDF modifying utility depending on your wants and machine/platform - many also include paid-for upgrades for top rate points. 

How we examine the finest free PDF editors

we have confirmed a number of PDF apps, including the top of the line free PDF reader, and the finest PDF merger equipment. We take the identical user-centric approach to all our testing, reviewing, and ranking. we have trying to find seamless person experiences, clear signposting, documentation, and help. We're also hunting for toolkits that fit the workflows of intended users. 

To look at various for the greatest free PDF editors, we first install an account with the principal application platform, no matter if as a download or as an online carrier. 

We then proven the provider using a handful of PDF data to see how the PDF editor could tackle modifying now not simply textual content, however also photographs, in addition to tables imported from Microsoft Excel. 

The purpose turned into to push each software platform to see no matter if it could effortlessly and easily now not simply edit a number of content material types but additionally do so faithfully and perpetually with out introducing formatting concerns or identical issues.

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