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The Professional Scrum MasterTM level I (PSM I) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate his or her depth of knowledge of the PictureScrum framework and its application. Those who pass the assessment will receive the industry recognized PSM I Certification to demonstrate their fundamental level of Scrum mastery.

Clear understanding of the rules of Scrum through the empirical foundation of Scrum

Act as Scrum Masters for Scrum Teams and stakeholders from an in-depth understanding of servant-leadership

Effectively start using Scrum

Increase the effectiveness of Scrum underway

Scrum theory and principles

The Scrum Framework

The Definition of Done

Running a Scrum project

Working with people and teams

Scrum in your organization

The role of the Scrum Master

Ensuring that goals, scope, and product domain are understood by everyone on the Scrum

Team as well as possible;

• Finding techniques for effective Product Backlog management;

• Helping the Scrum Team understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items;

• Understanding product planning in an empirical environment;

• Ensuring the Product Owner knows how to arrange the Product Backlog to maximize value;

• Understanding and practicing agility; and,

• Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed.

Coaching the Development Team in self-organization and cross-functionality;

• Helping the Development Team to create high-value products;

• Removing impediments to the Development Teams progress;

• Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed; and,

• Coaching the Development Team in organizational environments in which Scrum is not yet fully adopted and understood.

Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption;

• Planning Scrum implementations within the organization;

• Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development;

• Causing change that increases the productivity of the Scrum Team; and,

• Working with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization.

Attendees include the Scrum Team and key stakeholders invited by the Product Owner;

• The Product Owner explains what Product Backlog items have been “Done” and what has not been “Done”;

• The Development Team discusses what went well during the Sprint, what problems it ran into, and how those problems were solved;

• The Development Team demonstrates the work that it has “Done” and answers questions about the Increment;

• The Product Owner discusses the Product Backlog as it stands. He or she projects likely target and delivery dates based on progress to date (if needed);

• The entire group collaborates on what to do next, so that the Sprint Review provides valuable input to subsequent Sprint Planning;

• Review of how the marketplace or potential use of the product might have changed what is the most valuable thing to do next; and,

• Review of the timeline, budget, potential capabilities, and marketplace for the next anticipated releases of functionality or capability of the product.

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Professional Scrum Master I
Question: 307
Which of the following is required by Scrum? (Choose all that apply.)
A . Sprint Retrospective.
B . Members must be stand up at the Daily Scrum.
C . Sprint Burndown Chart.
D . Release planning.
E . All of the above.
Answer: A
Question: 308
As the Sprint Planning meeting progresses, the Development Team sees that the workload is greater than they can
Which two are valid actions? (Choose two.)
A . Recruit additional Development Team members before the work can begin.
B . The Development Team ensures that the Product Owner is aware, starts the Sprint, and monitors progress.
C . Cancel the Sprint.
D . Remove or change selected Product Backlog items.
E . The Development Team works overtime during this Sprint.
Answer: BD
Question: 309
When many Scrum Teams are working on the same product, should all of their increments be integrated every Sprint?
A . Yes, but only for Scrum Teams whose work has dependencies.
B . Yes, otherwise the Product Owners (and stakeholders) may not be able to accurately inspect what is done.
C . No, each Scrum Team stands alone.
D . No, that is far too hard and must be done in a hardening Sprint.
Answer: B
Question: 310
Which two things should the Development Team do during the first Sprint? (Choose two.)
A . Make up a plan for the rest of the project.
B . Analyze, describe, and document the requirements for the subsequent Sprints.
C . Develop at least one piece of functionality.
D . Analyze, design, and describe the complete architecture and infrastructure.
E . Create an increment of potentially releasable software.
Answer: CE
Question: 311
A properly functioning Scrum Team will have at least one Release Sprint and may well have several.
A . True
B . False
Answer: A
Question: 312
Scrum is a methodology that tells in detail how to build software incrementally.
A . True
B . False
Answer: B
Question: 313
In the Sprint Planning meeting, the Product Owner and the Development Team were unable to reach a clear
understanding about the highest order Product Backlog items. Because of this, the Development Team couldnt figure
out how many Product Backlog items it could forecast for the upcoming Sprint. They were able to agree on a Sprint
Goal, however.
Which of the following two actions should the Scrum Master support? (Choose two.)
A . Cancel the Sprint. Send the entire team to an advanced Scrum training and then start a new Sprint.
B . Forecast the most likely Product Backlog items to meet the goal and create a Sprint Backlog based on a likely
initial design and plan. Once the time-box for the Sprint Planning meeting is over, start the Sprint and continue to
analyze, decompose, and create additional functionality during the Sprint.
C . Continue the Sprint Planning meeting past its time-box until an adequate number of Product Backlog items are well
enough understood for the Development Team to make a complete forecast. Then start the Sprint.
D . Discuss in the upcoming Sprint Retrospective why this happened and what changes will make it less likely to recur.
E . Ask everyone to take as much time as needed to analyze the Product Backlog first, and then reconvene another
Sprint Planning meeting.
Answer: BD
Question: 314
The Product Owner must release each Increment to production.
A . When it makes sense.
B . To make sure the Development Team is done every Sprint.
C . Whenever the product is free of defects.
D . Without exception.
Answer: A
Question: 315
Which statement best describes Scrum?
A . A defined and predictive process that confirms to the principles of Scientific Management.
B . A complete methodology that defines how to develop software.
C . A cookbook that defines best practices for software development.
D . A framework within which complex products in complex environments are developed.
Answer: D
Question: 316
Who should make sure everyone on the Development Team does his or her tasks for the Sprint?
A . The Project Manager.
B . The Product Owner.
C . The Scrum Master.
D . The Development Team.
E . All of the above.
Answer: D
Question: 317
How much time is required after a Sprint to prepare for the next Sprint?
A . The break between Sprints is time-boxed to 1 week for 30 day Sprints, and usually less for shorter sprints.
B . Enough time for the requirements for the next Sprint to be determined and documented.
C . Enough time for the Development team to finish the testing from the last Sprint.
D . None. A new Sprint starts immediately following the end of the previous Sprint.
E . All of the above are allowed depending on the situation.
Answer: D
Question: 318
What are three ways Scrum promotes self-organization? (Choose three.)
A . By not allowing documentation.
B . By the Development Team deciding what work to do in a Sprint.
C . By preventing stakeholders from entering the development room.
D . By removing titles for Development Team members.
E . By being a lightweight framework.
Answer: BDE
Question: 319
The Daily Scrum is an event that happens every day.
What would be three key concerns if the frequency were to be lowered to every two or three days? (Choose three.)
A . Opportunities to insect and adapt the Sprint Backlog are lost.
B . Impediments are raised and resolved more slowly.
C . The Product Owner cannot accurately report progress to the stakeholders.
D . Too much work is spent updating the Scrum board before the meeting.
E . The Scrum Master loses the ability to update the Gantt chart properly.
Answer: ACB
Question: 320
What does it mean to say that an event has a time-box?
A . The event must happen at a set time.
B . The event must happen by a given time.
C . The event must take at least a minimum amount of time.
D . The event can take no more than a maximum amount of time.
Answer: D
Question: 321
For which is the Scrum Master responsible?
A . Managing the performance of the Scrum Team.
B . The meetings and the objectives that a Scrum Team sets for itself.
C . The Scrum framework being adopted and used properly.
D . Keeping track of resource allocation.
Answer: C
Question: 322
Who determines when it is appropriate to update the Sprint Backlog during a Sprint?
A . The Project Manager.
B . The Development Team.
C . The Scrum Team.
D . The Product Owner.
Answer: B
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