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The Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) is an NCCA-accredited credential designed specifically for the administrative professional. The NCCA, or National Commission of Certifying Agencies, is the accrediting arm of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, or ICE, and verifies that the CAP meets national and international credentialing industry standards for certification programs.

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CAP Exam Domains & Percentages

Organizational Communications (24%)

Business Writing and Document Production (22%)

Technology and Information Distribution (16%)

Office and Records Management (15%)

Event and Project Management (12%)

Operational Functions (11%)

The CAP® (Certified Administrative Professional) is an NCCA-accredited professional
certification designed for office and administrative professionals. The tasks and
responsibilities of those working in administrative professions are as varied and vast as
the number of firms employing them.

The CAP exam is created using the CAP Body of Knowledge, which is developed
by practicing professionals and business educators conducting a job analysis study
approximately every five years*. The purpose of the study is to collect qualitative and
quantitative data regarding practices conducted by administrative professionals; the
resulting data is reflected in the Body of Knowledge to ensure the CAP exam is clear,
comprehensive, and reflective of current practices.

Under each of the six functional area domains are Performance Outcomes (POs), which
are detailed, measurable competencies based on the most significant knowledge and skills
administrative professionals should know to be successful in their positions. Under each
PO are bullet points tying the competency to specific business and/or office functions.


PO 1: Describe the concepts and applications of communication, management, and leadership models/theories within organizations.

• Identify the various types of communication (written, verbal, nonverbal, interpersonal, group, public) and which is the
most effective for different business situations

• Describe management/leadership theories and how they relate to effective organizational communication

PO 2: Describe the process of effective interaction with internal and external stakeholders of an organization.

• Demonstrate a basic knowledge and proficiency in managing and resolving conflict within an organization

PO 3: Recognize the importance and utilization of professional networking.

• Describe how networking (both in-person and virtual) has changed the way people find jobs and companies recruit new employees

| 3 | Effective Fall 2018 CAP Body of Knowledge

PO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of team dynamics within organizations.

• Identify the different types of teams and describe their purpose

• Describe the specific kinds of dynamics within teams and how they can be managed

• Demonstrate knowledge in effective decision making, communication, and team building

PO 5: Describe the positive and negative types of interpersonal interactions existing within an organization.

• Explain how human motivation affects organizational dynamics

• Demonstrate basic knowledge of the differences between managing and leading

• Explain the dynamics of mentorship and coaching, including the effect on performance

PO 6: Demonstrate knowledge in the techniques of creating and giving presentations.

• Describe how to apply methods of coping with communication anxiety

• Identify the different types of presentations and appropriate usage of each

• Demonstrate knowledge of how to prepare for and deliver a presentation

PO 7: Demonstrate the ability to conduct business with diverse cultures.

• Describe international business practices with regard to cultural norms and rituals

• Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of multicultural communication in todays workplace

PO 8: Demonstrate a basic knowledge in organizational structure, systems, and strategies including their role in

productivity and effective management.

• Describe the parts of a strategic plan and how it affects organization performance

• Define various organization management systems that examine productivity (such as Six Sigma and TQM)

PO 9: Describe how confidentiality, legality, and ethics are important for the functioning of an organization.

• Understand basic employer and employees rights with regard to legality


PO 1: Demonstrate knowledge of terminology associated with business writing and document production.

• Identify the different functions of correspondence, documents, and reports within an organization

• Describe which method is best for creating and distributing reports and documents within an organization

• Identify best practices for developing business communications such as research, audience analysis, and compositio
| 4 | Effective Fall 2018 CAP Body of Knowledge

PO 2: Exhibit proficiency in proofreading and editing documents.

• Demonstrate knowledge of document readability for business communication

• Identify and describe the most important steps when editing and proofreading

• Apply the basics of copy editing for various types of documents

PO 3: Demonstrate proficiency in the use of grammar, spelling, and sentence construction.

• Demonstrate ability to apply basic rules of English grammar, especially spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and

sentence construction

PO 4: Describe the steps required to create and edit different types of business documents.

• Demonstrate an ability to determine and develop materials for the appropriate audience for different types of

business documents

• Exhibit knowledge of which software applications are appropriate to produce common business documents (e.g., MS

Word, Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat)

• Demonstrate proficiency in spreadsheet creation, including simple formulas and data manipulation

• Understand the application and use of presentation software (e.g., MS PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.)

PO 5: Describe the features and tools used in desktop publishing for newsletter, flyers, etc.

• Exhibit knowledge of desktop design software including features and functions

• Identify important aspects of layout and design

• Demonstrate a familiarity with online tools for web publishing

• Recognize basic graphic design tools for office and web publishing

PO 6: Identify the necessary elements needed to create and present effective charts and graphs.

• Demonstrate knowledge of software applications used to create, format, and insert charts, tables, and graphs into

business documents and presentations

PO 7: Identify the important elements necessary for finishing a document (e.g., binding, collation, stapling,

coloring, graphics, etc.)

• Describe the key differences and requirements for electronic versus hard-copy output of documents

PO 8: Demonstrate proficiency in the creation of minutes for meetings.

• Identify how to prepare minutes for a meeting, capturing the essence of agenda items and actions taken


PO 1: Describe the process of information distribution within an office environment.

• Demonstrate knowledge in how to organize distribution lists for various types of communications

PO 2: Identify the important differences between traditional and electronic distribution of information.

• Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency of different email interface types

• Know which software and technology is available for distributing information

PO 3: Identify copyright laws, regulations regarding intellectual property, and ways to maintain confidentiality

when distributing information.

• Identify proper attribution of quotations from published documents

PO 4: Describe the process and techniques of gathering, compiling, and analyzing data.

• Exhibit knowledge of which software applications are appropriate for compiling, storing, and analyzing data

• Demonstrate a clear understanding of which data are appropriate to collect and why

• Demonstrate a proficiency in creating a well-organized report with regard to organization and data visualization

PO 5: Demonstrate knowledge in the use of the Internet, including social media, as a way of distributing


• Identify and describe the important characteristics of sending email (e.g., etiquette, attachments, formatting, etc.)

• Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in social media usage and etiquette

• Exhibit knowledge of which social media applications are appropriate for a specific task and how to use them

PO 6: Demonstrate basic knowledge in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of both equipment and


• Identify various computer hardware used in an office

• Demonstrate knowledge of basic office software and functions

• Identify available online resources for equipment and software training and usage

PO 7: Demonstrate basic knowledge in the use of different types of computer systems.

• Identify potential issues with compatibility of different operating systems, such as Microsoft and Apple

PO 8: Describe common ways of storing and transferring data and the types of media appropriate for each.

• Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in identifying file types and the appropriate ways of converting documents

• Exhibit knowledge of software programs used for document conversion

• Identify and describe common procedures of backing up electronic information and databases, including cloud


PO 9: Explain appropriate security procedures for maintaining, backing up, and storing information.

• Demonstrate knowledge of legal issues regarding the storing of electronic information


PO 1: Demonstrate knowledge of basic terminology associated with records management using ARMA Guidelines.

• Prove knowledge of terms such as metadata, records retention, and data archiving

• Demonstrate familiarity with terms used by ARMA and general records management

PO 2: Identify the key advantages and disadvantages of electronic and manual (paper) file management based

on ARMA Guidelines.

• Demonstrate usage of both paper and electronic filing systems as appropriate based on access requirements and

organizational needs

PO 3: Demonstrate knowledge of both electronic and manual (paper) filing rules and standards based on ARMA


• Describe types of electronic files, naming conventions, options for accessing, and methods of altering information

• Exhibit knowledge of available software, systems, and services for electronic filing

• Describe the different methods for creating, storing, and retaining files

PO 4: Identify the appropriate security for both electronic and manual files.

• Identify the key laws regarding record storage and confidentiality

• Describe both the strengths and weaknesses of types of record and file security

PO 5: Demonstrate knowledge of file retrieval, maintenance, and retention.

• Describe how to develop a record retention schedule for both electronic and paper files

PO 6: Identify appropriate ergonomics for a productive personal workspace.

• Describe the significant elements of workspaces and why they are important to efficient and effective working


PO 7: Demonstrate knowledge of resources necessary to efficiently manage an office.

• Describe the steps in placing and receiving supply orders

• Describe the process of creating and distributing an RFP (Request for Proposal)

PO 8: Identify the important methods of checking and maintaining office supplies.

• Identify the steps involved in creating inventory lists

• Recognize types of software appropriate for maintaining inventory

PO 9: Demonstrate knowledge of functioning in a virtual office.

• Identify both the advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices versus traditional offices


PO 1: Demonstrate knowledge of basic terminology associated with event management.

• Identify the necessary elements in planning events ranging from internal meetings to external conferences

PO 2: Demonstrate proficiency in travel preparation.

• Describe the necessary elements for planning and organizing travel, both domestically and internationally

PO 3: Describe the key requirements for meetings both in person and virtual.

• Describe the steps required in the organization and planning of professional meetings

• Exhibit knowledge of which software applications are appropriate for online meetings

PO 4: Demonstrate knowledge in prioritizing and delegating elements of a project from planning to


• Identify and describe the important techniques of time management from the planning stage to the implementation of a project

• Demonstrate the ability to identify and evaluate the skills and competencies of others for project delegation

PO 5: Describe the steps required in organizing, planning, and managing a project.

• Demonstrate proficiency in prioritizing and organizing work tasks

• Identify which software and technology tools are appropriate for managing a project

• Demonstrate knowledge of negotiating, budget review, and bill explanation when organizing a project


PO 1: Demonstrate knowledge in the duties and processes of human resources.

• Identify different forms of harassment in the workplace

• Describe the ways to address employee situations professionally and legally

• Identify approaches to and the importance of following organizational policies and procedures

• Demonstrate knowledge of and purpose for performance evaluations

PO 2: Describe the various methods of recruitment, staffing, and hiring practices.

• Define different interview types and processes

• Demonstrate the ability to determine the staffing requirements of an organization

| 8 | Effective Fall 2018 CAP Body of Knowledge

PO 3: Recognize why cultural and generational diversity is important for organizations.

• Describe how differing cultural and generational perspectives can benefit an organization

• Identify what should be included in diversity training within an organization

PO 4: Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the procedures involved in onboarding and offboarding employees

within organizations.

• Describe the process of scheduling orientation and completing required paperwork

PO 5: Identify basic terminology associated with the financial functions of the organization.

• Distinguish between terms such as assets, liabilities, overhead, and balance sheet

• Describe the key differences between a budget, a profit and loss statement, and a statement of cash flow

PO 6: Demonstrate a knowledge of budgets and financial statements.

• Describe how to track electronic credits and debits on bank statements

• Demonstrate a proficiency in how to read a financial statement

• Describe the process of creating, tracking, and balancing a budget

• Identify the procedures and management of handling petty cash

PO 7: Identify important elements of the banking process and transactions.

• Identify the appropriate forms for depositing, withdrawing, and transferring cash

• Describe how to record, report, and document cash and checks

• Describe safe and secure money-handling procedures

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IAAP-CAP (CAP) PDF Dumps :: Article Creator

put together for the CAP exam

ISA offers a variety of materials to help you prepare for the certified Automation skilled (CAP®) exam.

simple Textbook

A e-book to the Automation body of competencies is the fundamental text resource for the CAP examination and provides an entire overview of all technical issues. Order the book to the Automation physique of potential.

look at e-book

The CAP study e-book is a comprehensive self-look at resource that contains a listing of the CAP domains and initiatives, seventy five review questions and answers comprehensive with justifications. References that were used for each look at e-book question are additionally offered with the query. The look at book additionally contains a counseled checklist of publications for you to use to do additional examine on specific domains. Order the CAP examine guide.

evaluate courses

A CAP overview direction is available in a number of formats as education for taking the certification exam. This route is obtainable via ISA and can also be offered at your region.

ISA also has a number of training lessons that would be valuable in making ready for CAP. seek advice from the Automation skilled practising page for an entire checklist.

further elements examination subject matters
  • simple continual handle: method Instrumentation, Analytical Instrumentation, continual manage, control Valves, Analog Communications, handle gadget Documentation, manage machine
  • primary Discrete, Sequencing, and Manufacturing handle: Discrete input & Output contraptions and well-known Manufacturing Measurements, Discrete and Sequencing manage, Motor and pressure control, motion manage
  • advanced manage issues: technique Modeling, superior method manage, handle of Batch processes, Environmental, Environmental Monitoring, building Automation
  • Reliability, safeguard, and Electrical: Alarm management, Reliability, manner safeguard and safety Instrumented programs, Electrical Installations, secure Use and utility of Electrical apparatus
  • Integration and software: Digital Communications, Industrial Networks, Manufacturing Execution methods and company Integration, system and network security, Operator Interface, records administration, utility, customized utility
  • Deployment and preservation: Operator practising, Checkout, gadget checking out, and Startup, Troubleshooting, upkeep, lengthy-time period help and equipment administration
  • Work constitution: Automation advantages and undertaking Justifications, project administration and Execution, Interpersonal expertise
  • CAP sample Questions

    questions on the exam have been derived from the genuine apply of automation authorities as outlined in the CAP function Delineation examine and job assignment analysis. the use of interviews, surveys, commentary, and group discussions, ISA worked with automation authorities to delineate essential job add-ons to increase exam requirements to check the number of questions related to each and every domain and task verified. This rigorous program development and ongoing maintenance technique ensures that CAP certification precisely displays the abilities and capabilities vital to excel as an automation skilled.

    the following six questions had been taken from the CAP exam query item bank and serve as examples of the question class and query content found on the CAP exam.

  • The formulation in which the initiatives and dangers linked to a machine or method are analyzed is referred to as:
  • A. chance evaluation.
  • B. laptop assessment.
  • C. chance reduction.
  • D. possibility abatement.
  • To verify controller tuning or prototype new manage innovations offline, the model should still be a(an):
  • A. Tie-lower back (loopback) simulation.
  • B. synthetic neural community.
  • C. Dynamic manner simulation.
  • D. regular state process simulation.
  • The temperature measurement with the best repeatability and determination is the:
  • A. Thermocouple.
  • B. Resistance temperature detector (RTD).
  • C. Dial thermometer.
  • D. Capillary system.
  • Which of the following isn't a variable velocity power setup parameter?
  • A. Acceleration cost.
  • B. Motor winding class.
  • C. Output frequency.
  • D. optimum speed.
  • an entire test plan for equipment integration testing must encompass:
  • A. feedback for the application programmer.
  • B. numerous verify circumstances for each and every mode of operation.
  • C. at the least 5 verify cases for each examine.
  • D. anticipated consequences for each and every look at various case.
  • Frequency of upkeep should be determined with the aid of:
  • A. Failure quotes of accessories.
  • B. Availability of personnel and ingredients.
  • C. management targets for effectivity and productiveness.
  • D. Effectiveness of renovation personnel.
  • sample Questions reply Key query number relevant answer exam content material define 1 A domain 1, task four 2 C domain 2, task 2 3 B domain 3, assignment three 4 B domain four, project 7 5C area 5, project 5 6 A domain 6, task 2


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