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ECDL is the European Computer Driving Licence, it is an accredited IT Qualification run by
BCS (the British Computer Society). It started in 1995 and to date, the ECDL qualification has
been taken by more than 2 million people in the UK alone. It is also recognised in over 100
different countries worldwide. ECDL is the international standard in IT office skills, it's widely
recognised by employers as proof of competence for their employees when working with IT.

ECDL Advanced allows competent users to build on their skills and demonstrate their
competence in a range of advanced computing techniques. The units can be taken
individually, or as part of a full qualification. ECDL Advance has 5 units, as described below:-

- Microsoft Word - Creating advanced documents

- Microsoft Excel - Creating advanced spreadsheets

- Microsoft PowerPoint - Creating advanced presentations

- Microsoft Access - Creating advanced databases

- Improving Productivity using IT (Advanced)

The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) course is a fully hands-on program with labs and exercises that cover real world scenarios. By practicing the skills that are provided to you in the ECSA class, we are able to bring you up to speed with the skills to uncover the security threats that organizations are vulnerable to.

This can be achieved effectively with the EC-Council iLabs Cyber Range. It allows you to dynamically access a host of Virtual Machines preconfigured with vulnerabilities, exploits, tools, and scripts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our guided step-by-step labs include exercises with detailed tasks, supporting tools, and additional materials allowing you to launch a complete live range for any form of hacking or testing.

Module 00: Penetration Testing Essential Concepts (Self-Study)

Module 01: Introduction to Penetratiaon Testing and Methodologies

Module 02: Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology

Module 03: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology

Module 04: Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 05: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External

Module 06: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Internal

Module 07: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Perimeter Devices

Module 08: Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 09: Database Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 10: Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 11: Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 12: Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

The ECSA program offers a seamless learning progress continuing where the CEH program left off. The new ECSAv10 includes updated curricula and an industry recognized comprehensive step-bystep penetration testing methodology. This allows a learner to elevate their ability in applying new skills learned through intensive practical labs and challenges.

Unlike most other pen testing programs that only follow a generic kill chain methodology; the ECSA presents a set of distinguishable comprehensive methodologies that are able to cover different pentesting requirements across different verticals.

It is a highly interactive, comprehensive, standards based, intensive 5-days training program that teaches information security professionals how professional real-life penetration testing are conducted. Building on the knowledge, skills and abilities covered in the new CEH v10 program, we have simultaneously re engineered the ECSA program as a progression from the former.

Organizations today demand a professional level pentesting program and not just pentesting programs that provide training on how to hack through applications and networks.

Such professional level programs can only be achieved when the core of the curricula maps with and is compliant to government and/or industry published pentesting frameworks. This course is a part of the VAPT Track of EC-Council. This is a “Professional” level course, with the Certified Ethical Hacker being the “Core” and the Licensed Penetration Tester being the “Master” level certification.

In the new ECSAv10 course, students that passes the knowledge exam are given an option to pursue a fully practical exam that provides an avenue for them to test their skills, earning them the ECSA (Practical) credential. This new credential allows employers to validate easily the skills of the student.

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ECDL-ADVANCED PDF Sample Questions

ECDL-ADVANCED Sample Questions

ECDL Advanced
that are made while reviewing a document. If you want to see all the changes inline,
you can change settings so that tracked changes and comments display in the desired
Answer option C is incorrect. Comment is used to let the creator know what other
person thinks of the document.
Answer option B is incorrect. The Track Changes option is used to view all the
changes done by the reviewer(s).
Answer option A is incorrect. It is not a valid option to make all the changes made to
the document visible inline in the document.
ECDL/ICDL Exam Course Manual, Contents: "Balloons" Chapter: ADVANCED
WORD PROCESSING Objective: Collaborative Editing
You work as an Office Assistant for Company Inc. You are creating a presentation in
which you have applied the layout and you are using the normal view. Now you have
made some changes in the layout and you want to save it with a name so that it can be
used in the future. For this, you have to switch from the normal view to another view.
Mark the view in the following image of the View tab to rename the layout.
When you add placeholders to a layout and if the content in those placeholders
changes the purpose of the layout, you'll want to rename the layout. Take the
following steps to rename a layout:
Click on the View tab. In the Master Views group, click Slide Master.
Right-click the layout thumbnail that you want to rename in the pane that contains the
slide master and layout thumbnails.
The Rename Layout dialog box opens. In the Layout name box, enter the new name
of the layout, and then click the Rename button.
On the Slide Master tab, click Close Master View in the Close group.
Chapter: PRESENTATION, ADVANCED - LEVEL Objective: Slides
You work as a Database Designer for Tech Perfect Inc. The company has a Windows
Vista-based computer with Microsoft Office 2010 installed on it. The computer has a
database named Exam Datasheet created in Microsoft Office Access 2010. You want
to import a table named Students which is created in another database named Info.
Choose and re-order the steps that you will take to accomplish the task.
Click the External Data tab.
Click the Import Access Database button.
Select the Info database file.
Choose the import option.
Click the OK button.
Choose the Students table.
Click the OK button.
Take the following steps to import a table from a database in Microsoft Office Access
2010: Click the External Data tab.
Click the Import Access Database button.
Select the database file to import.
Choose the import option and click the OK button.
Select the required tables and click the OK button.
Chapter: DATABASE, ADVANCED-LEVEL Objective: Import, Export and Link
You work as an Office Assistant for Company Inc. You are using Word 2010 to
create a document. Mark the option/button in the following image that you would
click to browse graphics, tables, and equations in the document.
The new Navigation pane helps you find text, tables, graphics, comments, footnotes
or endnotes, and equations in a document. Users can also change the structure by
dragging headings and get a quick look at the structure of their document inside the
Navigation pane. Take the following steps to use the Results tab of the navigation
1. On the Home tab, click Find in the Editing group. The Navigation pane opens.
2. Click the arrow next to the magnifying glass, and then select an option.
3. Click the Results tab to see the results of your document.
4. Browse through all the results by clicking the Next Search Result and
Previous Search Result arrows.
Chapter: ADVANCED WORD PROCESSING Objective: Formatting
You work as an Office Assistant for Company Inc. You are creating a presentation in
PowerPoint 2010. You have added bullets in the presentation. Now, you want to
demote the size of the bullets to 25% of a slide text. Which of the following actions
will you take to accomplish the task?
A. Click the Promote option on the Home tab.
B. Click the Demote option on the Home tab.
C. Click the Numbered tab under the Bullets and Numbering option.
D. Click the Page Setup option on the Design tab.
Answer: C
The Numbered tab comprises the Size button to reduce the size of the bullets. Take
the following steps to format a bulleted and numbered list:
Select a text.
Click the bullets icon under the Paragraph group.
The Bullets and Numbering gallery appears. Select the Bullets and Numbering
The Bullets and Numbering dialog box appears. Click the Picture button.
The Picture Bullet dialog box appears. Select a bullet, and click the OK button.
Click the Customize button in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box. A Symbol
dialog box appears. Select a symbol, and click the OK button.
Answer option D is incorrect. The Page Setup option is used to organize the slide
orientation and layout. Answer option A is incorrect. The Promote option is used to
increase the font size of a text. Answer option B is incorrect. The Demote option is
used to decrease the font size of a text. Chapter: PRESENTATION, ADVANCED
LEVEL Objective: Slides
Jasmine creates a presentation. The presentation comprises various controls. She
wants to create a text box that comprises two columns. Which of the following
options will she use to accomplish the task?
A. Size and Position
B. Format Shape
C. Shape Fill
D. Slide Layout
Answer: B
The Format Shape option comprises a TextBox option in which a user can specify the
number of columns in a text box.
Answer option A is incorrect. The Size and Position option is used to define the
length, breadth and location of a textbox.
Answer option D is incorrect. The Slide Layout option is used to specify the elements
of a slide. Answer option C is incorrect. The Shape fill option is used to fill the
background of a text box. Chapter: PRESENTATION, ADVANCED - LEVEL
Objective: Relating Information
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