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ISTQB has recently launched CTFL 2018 V3.1 with minor changes. You can find all the info needed in the download area.

The Foundation Level Syllabus forms the basis for the International Software Testing Qualification at the Foundation Level.

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board® (ISTQB®) provides it to the national examination bodies for them to accredit the training providers and to derive examination questions in their local language.

Training providers will produce courseware and determine appropriate teaching methods for accreditation, and the syllabus will help candidates in their preparation for the examination.

The Certified Tester Foundation Level in Software Testing

The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing. This includes people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.

This Foundation Level qualification is also appropriate for anyone who wants a basic understanding of software testing, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors and management consultants. Holders of the Foundation Certificate will be able to go on to a higher level software testing qualification.

Fundamentals of Testing

Learning Objectives for Fundamentals of Testing:

- What is Testing-

- Identify typical objectives of testing

- Differentiate testing from debugging

- Why is Testing Necessary-

- Give examples of why testing is necessary

- Describe the relationship between testing and quality assurance and give examples of how testing contributes to higher quality

- Distinguish between error, defect, and failure

- Distinguish between the root cause of a defect and its effects

- Seven Testing Principles

- Explain the seven testing principles

- Test Process

- Explain the impact of context on the test process

- Describe the test activities and respective tasks within the test process

- Differentiate the work products that support the test process

- Explain the value of maintaining traceability between the test basis and test work products

- The Psychology of Testing

- Identify the psychological factors that influence the success of testing

- Explain the difference between the mindset required for test activities and the mindset required for development activities


coverage, debugging, defect, error, failure, quality, quality assurance, root cause, test analysis, test basis,
test case, test completion, test condition, test control, test data, test design, test execution,
test implementation, test monitoring, test object, test objective, test oracle, test planning, test procedure,
test process, test suite, testing, testware, traceability, validation, verification

Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Learning Objectives for Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

- Software Development Lifecycle Models

- Explain the relationships between software development activities and test activities in the software development lifecycle

- Identify reasons why software development lifecycle models must be adapted to the context of project and product characteristics

- Test Levels

- Compare the different test levels from the perspective of objectives, test basis, test objects, typical defects and failures, and approaches and responsibilities

- Test Types

- Compare functional, non-functional, and white-box testing

- Recognize that functional, non-functional, and white-box tests occur at any test level

- Compare the purposes of confirmation testing and regression testing

- Maintenance Testing

- Summarize triggers for maintenance testing

- Describe the role of impact analysis in maintenance testing


acceptance testing, alpha testing, beta testing, change-related testing, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS),
component integration testing, component testing, confirmation testing, contractual acceptance testing,
functional testing, impact analysis, integration testing, maintenance testing, non-functional testing,
operational acceptance testing, regression testing, regulatory acceptance testing, sequential development
model, system integration testing, system testing, test basis, test case, test environment, test level, test
object, test objective, test type, user acceptance testing, white-box testing

Static Testing

Learning Objectives for Static Testing

- Static Testing Basics

- Recognize types of software work product that can be examined by the different static testing techniques

- Use examples to describe the value of static testing

- Explain the difference between static and dynamic techniques, considering objectives, types of defects to be identified, and the role of these techniques within the software lifecycle

- Review Process

- Summarize the activities of the work product review process

- Recognize the different roles and responsibilities in a formal review

- Explain the differences between different review types: informal review, walkthrough, technical review, and inspection

- Apply a review technique to a work product to find defects

- Explain the factors that contribute to a successful review


ad hoc review, checklist-based review, dynamic testing, formal review, informal review, inspection,
perspective-based reading, review, role-based review, scenario-based review, static analysis, static
testing, technical review, walkthrough

Test Techniques

Learning Objectives for Test Techniques

- Categories of Test Techniques

- Explain the characteristics, commonalities, and differences between black-box test techniques, white-box test techniques, and experience-based test techniques

- Black-box Test Techniques

- Apply equivalence partitioning to derive test cases from given requirements

- Apply boundary value analysis to derive test cases from given requirements

- Apply decision table testing to derive test cases from given requirements

- Apply state transition testing to derive test cases from given requirements

- Explain how to derive test cases from a use case

- White-box Test Techniques

- Explain statement coverage

- Explain decision coverage

- Explain the value of statement and decision coverage

- Experience-based Test Techniques

- Explain error guessing

- Explain exploratory testing

- Explain checklist-based testing


black-box test technique, boundary value analysis, checklist-based testing, coverage, decision coverage,
decision table testing, error guessing, equivalence partitioning, experience-based test technique,
exploratory testing, state transition testing, statement coverage, test technique, use case testing, whitebox test technique

Test Management

Learning Objectives for Test Management

- Test Organization

- Explain the benefits and drawbacks of independent testing

- Identify the tasks of a test manager and tester

- Test Planning and Estimation

- Summarize the purpose and content of a test plan

- Differentiate between various test strategies

- Give examples of potential entry and exit criteria

- Apply knowledge of prioritization, and technical and logical dependencies, to schedule test execution for a given set of test cases

- Identify factors that influence the effort related to testing

- Explain the difference between two estimation techniques: the metrics-based technique and the expert-based technique

- Test Monitoring and Control

- Recall metrics used for testing

- Summarize the purposes, contents, and audiences for test reports

- Configuration Management

- Summarize how configuration management supports testing

- Risks and Testing

- Define risk level by using likelihood and impact

- Distinguish between project and product risks

- Describe, by using examples, how product risk analysis may influence the thoroughness and scope of testing

- ement

- Write a defect report, covering a defect found during testing


configuration management, defect management, defect report, entry criteria, exit criteria, product risk,
project risk, risk, risk level, risk-based testing, test approach, test control, test estimation, test manager,
test monitoring, test plan, test planning, test progress report, test strategy, test summary report, tester

Tool Support for Testing

Learning Objectives for Test Tools

- Test tool considerations

- Classify test tools according to their purpose and the test activities they support

- Identify benefits and risks of test automation

- Remember special considerations for test execution and test management tools

- Effective use of tools

- Identify the main principles for selecting a tool

- Recall the objectives for using pilot projects to introduce tools

- Identify the success factors for evaluation, implementation, deployment, and on-going support of test tools in an organization


data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, test automation, test execution tool, test management tool

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CTFL_001 PDF Sample Questions

CTFL_001 Sample Questions

ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level(R) (CTFL_001)
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When should testers be involved in reviewing a UAT specification?
A. At the beginning of the project
B. As soon as requirements have been approved
C. As soon as the UAT specification has been drafted
D. At any time before UAT begins
Answer: C
Which of the following accurately defines the integration testing test level?
A. Test basis includes software and system design, test objects include interfaces, and
tests concentrate on the interactions between different parts of a system
B. Test basis includes component requirements, test objects include database modules,
and tests concentrate on the behaviour of the system as a whole.
C. Test basis includes business processes, test objects include system configuration and
configuration data, and tests concentrate on establishing confidence in the system
D. Test basis includes use cases, test objects include user procedures and tests
concentrate on a high level model of system behaviour
Answer: A
A bank is developing a new service that will be delivered via the web. The user
interactions are defined as a set of use cases and the service is designed to be available
continuously 24/7. In view of the challenging characteristics of the service the test
manager has decided that the code should be thoroughly tested at component level.
Which of the following test types will be required during the development?
A. Functional testing to test security at the system level, load testing at the system level
to ensure the system availability is acceptable, regression testing at all levels, structure
based testing at the component level only
B. Functional testing to test the use cases at component level, reliability testing to test
availability at the integration level, regression testing at the system testing level only,
structure based testing at all levels
C. Functional testing of the use cases at system level, load testing at component level to
ensure availability is acceptable, regression testing at the system and acceptance levels
only, and structure based testing at the integration level only
D. Functional testing to test security at the acceptance level, load testing at the
acceptance test level to ensure availability is acceptable, regression testing at the
acceptance level only to ensure late changes are made correctly, and structure based
testing at the component level
Answer: A
Functional and structural tests are alternative test types that may be used separately or
together at which test level?
A. At the component test level only
B. At all test levels
C. At integration testing and system testing levels only
D. At all levels from integration testing to acceptance testing
Answer: B
Which of the following statements best characterises maintenance testing?
A. Maintenance testing is triggered by changes to delivered software and uses impact
analysis to minimise the amount of regression testing needed
B. Maintenance testing is triggered by changes to software under development before
initial delivery and uses the test plan to determine how much regression testing to do
C. Maintenance testing is triggered by changes to the test environment and uses testing
tools to perform regression testing
D. Maintenance testing is triggered by changes to the software environment and uses
structural testing to ensure the changes function correctly
Answer: A
Under which of the following circumstances is maintenance testing required?
A. Migration of software onto a new platform
B. Testing during initial development of a replacement for an existing system
C. Purchase of a new software tool
D. Updating of a regression suite
Answer: A
Which of the following BEST defines static techniques?
A. Executing the software work product
B. Manually examining the code or project documentation
C. Automated analysis of the code or project documentation
D. Manual examination and automated analysis of code or project documentation
Answer: D
Which of the following is a role of a formal review?
A. Adjudicator
B. Moderator
C. Governor
D. Corrector
Answer: B
Which from the following list are typically found to enable the review process to be
A.Each review has clear defined objectives
B.The lower the number of defects, the better the review process
c.The right people for the review objective are involved
d.There is an emphasis on learning and process improvement
e.Management are not involved in the process at all
f.Checklists should not be used, as these slow down the process
g.Defects found are welcomed and expressed objectively
A. a, f and g.
B. b, c and f.
C. a, c and d.
D. d, e and g.
Answer: C
Which of the following would typically be identified using static analysis by tools?
A. Spelling mistake on an error message
B. A potential infinite loop
C. Memory leakage
D. A variable set to the wrong value
Answer: B
Before an invoice can be created, an account is required. Before an account can be set
up, an account user is required (in order to set up the account). The software is delivered
with a master user only, who can only create other types of users. The following test
cases have been written to test the high-level structure of the software
a.Create an invoice
b.Amend an invoice
c.Process an invoice (send to customer)
d.Delete an invoice
e.Create an account
f.Create an account user
g.Amend an account user
h.Delete an account user
i.Amend an account
j.Delete an account
Which of the following test procedures would enable all tests to be run?
A. f, g, a, c, b, d, e, i, j, h
B. e, i, a, c, b, d, f, g, h, j
C. e, i, f, g, a, c, b, d, h, j
D. f, g, e, i, a, b, c, d, j, h
Answer: D
Which of the following test case design techniques is white box (structure-based)?
A. Use case testing
B. State transition testing
C. Decision testing
D. Equivalence partitioning
Answer: C
From the following list, which of the following apply to experience-based techniques?
a.Test cases are derived from a model of the problem to be solved or the software
b.Test cases are derived from the knowledge of the testers
c.The knowledge of testers, developers and users is used to drive testing
d.The internal structure of the code is used to derive test cases
A. a and b.
B. c and d.
C. a and d.
D. b and c.
Answer: D
A test case starts at S1 and triggers 4 events in sequence: E1, E4, E5, E7. What will be
the finishing state and the output(s) from the test case?
Refer to the exhibit
A. S2 and O4
B. S4 and O2
C. S4 and O4
D. S2 and O2
Answer: D
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