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Title: Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK)

Test Detail:
The CCDAK (Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) is a professional certification offered by Confluent, the company behind Apache Kafka. It validates the knowledge and skills of developers in designing, developing, and implementing Apache Kafka-based solutions. The certification demonstrates expertise in building real-time streaming applications using Kafka.

Course Outline:
The CCDAK certification program covers a comprehensive range of topics related to Apache Kafka development. The course provides participants with a solid foundation in Kafka concepts, architecture, and application development. The following is a general outline of the key areas covered in the CCDAK certification program:

1. Introduction to Apache Kafka:
- Kafka architecture and components
- Kafka topics, partitions, and offsets
- Kafka brokers and clusters
- Producers and consumers
- Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams

2. Kafka Core APIs:
- Producer API
- Consumer API
- Kafka Streams API
- Admin API
- Schema Registry API

3. Kafka Data Serialization:
- Avro schema evolution and compatibility
- JSON and binary data serialization
- Kafka message headers
- Serializers and deserializers
- Apache Kafka and Confluent schema registry

4. Kafka Streams Processing:
- Stream processing fundamentals
- Stream processing topologies
- Stateful and stateless operations
- Windowed operations
- Interactive queries

5. Kafka Connect and Integration:
- Kafka Connect architecture
- Connectors and transformations
- Sinks and sources
- Connect REST API
- Integration with external systems

Exam Objectives:
The CCDAK certification exam assesses candidates' understanding of Apache Kafka concepts, programming techniques, and best practices. The exam objectives include, but are not limited to:

1. Demonstrating knowledge of Kafka architecture and components.
2. Implementing Kafka producers and consumers using the core APIs.
3. Developing real-time stream processing applications with Kafka Streams.
4. Configuring and managing Kafka Connect for data integration.
5. Understanding data serialization and compatibility using Avro and JSON.
6. Applying best practices for scalability, fault tolerance, and performance.
7. Troubleshooting and debugging Kafka applications.

The CCDAK certification program typically spans a multi-day training course or self-paced online learning modules. The syllabus provides a breakdown of the topics covered throughout the course, including specific learning objectives and milestones. The syllabus may include the following components:

- Introduction to Apache Kafka
- Kafka Core APIs and Application Development
- Kafka Data Serialization and Schema Registry
- Kafka Streams Processing and Real-time Analytics
- Kafka Connect and Integration with External Systems
- Best Practices and Advanced Topics
- Exam Preparation and Mock Tests
- Final CCDAK Certification Exam

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Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka
Question: 51
is KSQL ANSI SQL compliant?
A. Yes
B. No
Answer: B
KSQL is not ANSI SQL compliant, for now there are no defined standards on streaming SQL languages
Question: 52
Question: 53
A Zookeeper ensemble contains 3 servers.
Over which ports the members of the ensemble should be able to communicate in default configuration? (select three)
A. 2181
B. 3888
C. 443
D. 2888
E. 9092
F. 80
Answer: A,B,D
2181 client port, 2888 peer port, 3888 leader port
Question: 54
You are running a Kafka Streams application in a Docker container managed by Kubernetes, and upon application
restart, it takes a long time for the docker container to replicate the state and get back to processing the data .
How can you improve dramatically the application restart?
A. Mount a persistent volume for your RocksDB
B. Increase the number of partitions in your inputs topic
C. Reduce the Streams caching property
D. Increase the number of Streams threads
Answer: A
Although any Kafka Streams application is stateless as the state is stored in Kafka, it can take a while and lots of
resources to recover the state from Kafka. In order to speed up recovery, it is advised to store the Kafka Streams state
on a persistent volume, so that only the missing part of the state needs to be recovered.
Question: 55
A producer is sending messages with null key to a topic with 6 partitions using the DefaultPartitioner. Where will the
messages be stored?
A. Partition 5
B. Any of the topic partitions
C. The partition for the null key
D. Partition 0
Answer: A
Message with no keys will be stored with round-robin strategy among partitions.
Question: 56
A kafka topic has a replication factor of 3 and min.insync.replicas setting of 2 .
How many brokers can go down before a producer with acks=all cant produce?
A. 0
B. 2
C. 1
D. 3
Answer: C
acks=all and min.insync.replicas=2 means we must have at least 2 brokers up for the partition to be available
Question: 57
How can you gracefully make a Kafka consumer to stop immediately polling data from Kafka and gracefully shut
down a consumer application?
A. Call consumer.wakeUp() and catch a WakeUpException
B. Call consumer.poll() in another thread
C. Kill the consumer thread
Answer: A
Question: 58
A Zookeeper ensemble contains 5 servers .
What is the maximum number of servers that can go missing and the ensemble still run?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1
Answer: C
majority consists of 3 zk nodes for 5 nodes zk cluster, so 2 can fail
Question: 59
You have a Kafka cluster and all the topics have a replication factor of 3. One intern at your company stopped a
broker, and accidentally deleted all the data of that broker on the disk .
What will happen if the broker is restarted?
A. The broker will start, and other topics will also be deleted as the broker data on the disk got deleted
B. The broker will start, and wont be online until all the data it needs to have is replicated from other leaders
C. The broker will crash
D. The broker will start, and wont have any data. If the broker comes leader, we have a data loss
Answer: B
Kafka replication mechanism makes it resilient to the scenarios where the broker lose data on disk, but can recover
from replicating from other brokers. This makes Kafka amazing!
Question: 60
In the Kafka consumer metrics it is observed that fetch-rate is very high and each fetch is small .
What steps will you take to increase throughput?
A. Increase fetch.max.wait
B. Increase fetch.max.bytes
C. Decrease fetch.max.bytes
D. Decrease fetch.min.bytes
E. Increase fetch.min.bytes
Answer: E
This will allow consumers to wait and receive more bytes in each fetch request.
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CCDAK Kafka exam syllabus

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Use A Syllabus

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Is a syllabus required for flight working towards? The FAA does not mandate using a syllabus beneath part sixty one. youngsters,beneath part 141, pilot schools are required to use a structured training software that contains a syllabus. The facets and expertise requirements of elements 61 and 141 are identical—the event necessities are a bit diverse, besides the fact that children, as a personal pilot applicant who has proficient beneath part 141 can qualify to take the examine trip at 35 hours, as compared to forty hours under part 61.

Is a syllabus effective for practising? sure, it is. It’s like a road map for each instructor and learner, displaying you where you are heading in practising and what milestones wait for. below half 61, the CFI can create their own syllabus the usage of the FARs and the requirements for the certificate or ranking they are educating, or they can buy an off-the-shelf product like a syllabus from Jeppesen, Cessna, Sporty’s, or King colleges.

Ostensibly, these syllabi were designed to get the applicant via training in the minimum period of time. They are often used partially 141 courses. therefore, the syllabus suggests the minimal time that should be spent on every lesson and the points that need to be coated. below part 141, the syllabus has to be strictly adopted, and this lack of flexibility can make it complex to alter for weather, pupil and/or scientific certification delays, and mechanical issues.

there's nothing that says a CFI can’t take a syllabus that became designed for half 141 guide and observe it throughout part sixty one practicing. certainly, many CFIs who knowledgeable at 141 courses but went on to teach below 61 frequently use the syllabus they trained with at their place of employment; however, they don’t have to adhere to the part 141 time constraints or sequence necessities.

CFIs who create their own syllabus can alter for towered vs. nontowered airports, airspace, machine purchasable, climate, their instructing trend, and the knowledge acquisition style of beginners. frequently these syllabi are adjusted because the instructor’s journey changes.

Rod Machado, flight instructor, aviation author, and humorist, created a syllabus that dovetails into his universal on-line floor faculty. “an excellent syllabus covers what is integral and no pointless things,” says Machado.“A flight instructor can seem to be at the distinctive syllabi purchasable and discover the one it's most advantageous and put off what is not for the training they're proposing. The syllabus offers the CFI counsel, however they shouldn’t be the usage of it to just verify the packing containers. They deserve to tailor the lesson to the learner and not be a slave to the syllabus.”

the style a syllabus presents the counsel is vital, says Machado, who advocates the building block approach, which organizes training that starts off with essentially the most primary initiatives—akin to takeoffs, climbs, turns, and descents—and builds on them because the learner’s ability and journey grow. “The syllabus additionally must also be time ‘do-capable,’ because the size of the instructions should make sense and be functional. they could’t be too long.”

are you able to imagine walking into a college lecture room and the teacher asking, “What we could do nowadays?” A model of that occurs all of the time when a syllabus isn't used, says Michael McCurdy, proprietor and CEO of CHS Flight college at Charleston foreign Airport (KCHS) in South Carolina.

“If the CFI changed into no longer expert the usage of a syllabus, there is a good possibility they won’t use it to educate their learners. which you could tell this has happened when the CFI greets the learner through asking, ‘What do you want to do these days?’ and the client replies, ‘You’re the teacher, shouldn’t you recognize what we’re going to do?’”

McCurdy’s faculty operates below part 61 with a syllabus created in-condo, constructed round the usage of the Redbird FMX as a approaches coach. The inexperienced persons gain potential on the ground the place the instructor can control the climate, then flow out to the airplane—and are improved prepared. This ends up in brief progress and a success investigate rides.

Flight guide is a second profession for McCurdy—his first become legislation enforcement. He has been a CFI for twenty years and says the learners—not the instructors—get essentially the most out of the syllabus.

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McCurdy’s school regularly picks up customers who were training in other places with out a syllabus and left as a result of they didn’t consider they were making development. Some CFIs examine this to taking part in football and never realizing the place the aim posts are.

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