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Exam ID : ACMP - HPE6-A71

Exam Title : Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

Exam type : Proctored

Exam duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Exam length : 60 questions

Passing score : 65%

Delivery languages : English, Japanese, Latin American Spanish

Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

This certification validate that you have the networking knowledge and skills required to implement, configure and manage advanced Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) enterprise solutions utilizing the operating system (AOS8) architecture and features.

This certification validates knowledge and skills in these key areas and more:

Configuring and using the Mobility Master for consolidated network management

Uses and advantages of clustering

Redundancy and providing user seamless failover

Utilizing MultiZone to have multiple and separate secure networks while using the same Access Point (AP)

Utilizing secure Tunneled Node for wired switches

Utilizing AirWave to monitor the health of the wired and wireless network

Troubleshooting devices, users and applications on Aruba Mobile First networks

This exam tests your skills with the WLAN design, deployment, and troubleshooting of Aruba Mobile First Network Solutions in complex highly available campus and branch environments. It also tests your ability to configure specialized applications, management, and security requirements for a WLAN such as UCC Voice and advanced security features.


Integrate and implement Aruba Mobile First architecture components and explain their uses.

Integrate components of the Aruba Mobile First Architecture.

Differentiate between standalone mode and Master Controller Mode (MCM) features and recommend use cases.

Differentiate the use of packet forwarding modes (tunnel, decrypt-tunnel, split-tunnel, and bridge).

Differentiate between redundancy methods, and describe the benefits of L2 and L3 clustering.

Explain Remote Access architectures and how to integrate the architectures.

Describe and differentiate advanced licensing features.


Configure and validate Aruba WLAN secure employee and guest solutions.

• Configure Remote Access with Aruba Solutions such as RAP and VIA.

• Configure and deploy redundant controller solutions based upon a given design.

• Configure a Mesh WLAN.


Implement advanced services and security.

• Enable multicast DNS features to support discovery across VLAN boundaries.

• Configure role derivation, and explain and implement advanced role features.

• Configure an AAA server profile for a user or administrative access.

• Implement Mobility Infrastructure hardening features.

• Explain Clarity features and functions.

• Implement Voice WLAN based upon a given design.

• Configure primary zones and data zones to support MultiZone AP.

• Implement mobility (roaming) in an Aruba wireless environment.

• Implement tunneled node to secure ArubaOS switches.


Manage and monitor Aruba solutions.

• Use AirWave to monitor an Aruba Mobility Master and Mobility Controller.

• Perform maintenance upgrades and operational maintenance.


Troubleshoot Aruba WLAN solutions.

• Troubleshoot controller communication.

• Troubleshoot the WLAN.

• Troubleshoot Remote Access.

• Troubleshoot issues related to services and security.

• Troubleshoot role-based access, per-port based security and Airmatch.

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ACMP PDF Sample Questions

ACMP Sample Questions

Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.0
Answer: C, D
An Aruba controller is configured with the correct IP address and gateway
information and is connected to the corporate LAN via a core layer 2 switch. An
access point is provisioned with AP name and group and connected to a different
switch on the corporate LAN that has IP connectivity to the core layer 2 switch.
The AP powers on and connects to the LAN, but the wireless radios do not
power on. Which could cause this condition? (Choose all of the correct answers.)
A. the layer 2 switches have ACLs that block GRE traffic
B. the layer 2 switches are configured to block multicast traffic
C. a DHCP server is not configured for the segment to which the AP is
D. the AP name needs to be configured on the Aruba controller
Answer: A, B, C
In the diagram provided for this question, four buildings are identified on a
college campus.
Most of the wireless LAN traffic will be from students accessing the internet.
According to Aruba best practices, which building is the best location to install
the Aruba mobility controller?
A. data center
B. dormitory
C. server farm
D. library
Answer: A
Referring to the diagram provided for this question, representing an office
wireless LAN deployment, there will be approximately 250 users in the offices
section of the building.
According to Aruba best practice, which network device is the best choice for
the wireless clients' default gateway?
A. device 'A'
B. device 'B'
C. device 'C'
D. device 'D'
Answer: B
One hundred (100) additional APs were deployed in an existing network. But
some APs are not able to connect to the lms-ip address, even though all of the
APs belong to the same AP group. What might be wrong? Choose all
A. The AP isn't getting an IP address.
B. The AP has the wrong lms-ip address setting.
C. There is a firewall between some APs and the controller blocking PAPI.
D. The controller does not support that many APs in a single AP-Group.
E. The controller does not have enough AP licenses to support the additional
quantity of APs.
Answer: A, C, E
If a Remote AP (RAP) is attempting to contact a controller that is behind a NAT
device what protocol must be allowed through the NAT/Firewall?
C. IPSec
D. The controller must have a public IP address.
Answer: B
Which of the following are valid RAP forwarding modes (select all that apply)?
A. Tunnel
B. Bridge
C. Split-Tunnel
D. Backup
Answer: A, B, C
Which of the following are valid RAP operating modes?
A. Always, Backup, Standard, Persistent
B. Always, Backup, Tunnel, Persistent
C. Always, Hotel-Connect, Tunnel, Standard
D. Backup, Hotel-Connect, Standard, Persistent
Answer: A
When configuring split tunnel mode on a Remote AP (RAP) where is the routing
function for the split tunnel defined?
A. On the IP routing tab in the configuration screen.
B. On the AP provisioning screen.
C. The RAP uses OSPF for routing.
D. In the Firewall policy.
Answer: D
When does a backup SSID configured on a Remote AP (RAP) begin
A. When the GRE tunnel to the controller is established.
B. When the IPSec tunnel to the controller is established.
C. When the controller cannot be reached.
D. When bridging is required for guest users.
Answer: C
A Remote AP provisioned in Split-Tunnel Forwarding mode has which of the
following characteristics? Choose all that apply.
A. Local traffic first goes to the controller and is then spilt back to the local
B. Traffic is IPSec encrypted before it is sent to the controller.
C. The user role must have a Permit statement in order to locally bridge the
D. The user role must have a route src-nat statement to locally bridge the
traffic. E. The RAP uses UDP 4500 to send traffic to the controller.
Answer: B, D, E
A Remote AP provisioned with an SSID in the operational mode always has
which one of the following characteristics?
A. The RAP must obtain its configuration from the controller each time it boots.
B. The operational mode applies to tunnel and split-tunnel forwarding SSID.
C. The operational mode applies to a Bridge forwarding SSID.
D. The RAP does not support this mode.
E. The SSID only appears if the AP does not see the controller.
Answer: C
A Remote AP provisioned with an SSID in Bridged forwarding mode has
which one of the following characteristics?
A. The client obtains its IP address from the controller.
B. The client's default gateway must be the controller.
C. The client traffic is forwarded through a GRE tunnel to the controller.
D. The client's default gateway may be the Access Point or a local gateway.
E. The client's authentication must be 802.1X.
Answer: D
An Aruba RAP2 model can authenticate its IPSec tunnel to a controller using
which of the following methods? Choose all that apply.
A. 802.1X
B. Captive Portal
C. IP address authentication
D. Legacy Username/Password authentication.
E. Certificate and MAC address authentication.
Answer: D, E
What is the purpose of Mesh Clusters?
A. To separate Mesh points and Mesh Portals
B. To make sure that mesh points and portals with the same VAPs are not in the
same cluster
C. To create a group of mesh points and mesh portals that create mesh links with
each other using the same 802.11 connection settings
D. To cluster mesh APs of the same model together
Answer: C
A company purchased an indoor mesh deployment using the 620 controller and
the AP 125 models, where 5 APs will be deployed on a floor to provide wireless
internet access for users. Users may open VPN tunnels using software clients
over the wireless network to a 3rd party VPN concentrator overseas. The
company wants to limit wireless user access to NetBIOS over TCP traffic locally
and VPN traffic overseas.Which licenses will be necessary for this deployment?
B. Base AOS, AP Capacity, PEF-NG
C. Base AOS, AP Capacity, PEF-NG, VPN
D. Base AOS, AP Capacity
Answer: B
When deploying Remote Mesh Portals, what is one of the purposes of the Mesh
Private VLAN?
A. To separate wireless user traffic coming from mesh networks from non-mesh
B. To tag mesh wireless user traffic on a particular AP
C. To allow Mesh Points to form private vlan networks with certain users
D. To tag control plane traffic from Mesh points to the controller
Answer: D
A network administrator runs a 'show ap mesh topology' command on an Aruba
620 controller. Which of the following information would he be able to obtain?
Choose all that apply.
A. The number of mesh nodes in the network
B. The channel settings of each mesh node
C. The parent of each mesh node
D. The number of hops each mesh points has to make to reach the mesh portal
Answer: A, C, D
How does Aruba's infrastructure calculate location?
B. RF Fingerprinting
C. RSSI triangulation
Answer: C
You want to locate a wireless device on the controller GUI. You go to the
Clients list from the Monitoring tab and click the Locate button but the
controller is unable to locate the client. Which could be the possible reasons for
the error? (Choose all of the correct answers.)
A. No floor plan exists
B. Only 2 APs can hear the client
C. The client is not a valid client
D. No client was selected
Answer: A, B, D
Which of the following needs to be done prior to attempting to use the GUI
quick setup of a factory defaulted Aruba S3500 Mobility Access Switch?
A. Set the S3500 IP address to the range
B. Quick-Setup needs to be enabled on the LCD Panel
C. Connect the S3500 to the network for DHCP
D. Set the laptop IP address to the range
Answer: B
Which two factors are important when choosing a controller model to support
tunneled node?
A. Number of Wired Aps
B. Controller configuration
C. Number of Tunneled Ports
D. Layer 3 network architecture
Answer: A, C
In tunneled node configuration the Aruba 3500 mobility access switch acts as a?
A. Authentication server
B. Security gateway
C. Wired to Wireless AP
D. Wired AP
Answer: D
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ACMP Professional Actual Questions

ACMP Professional Actual Questions :: Article Creator

32 Reference examine Questions make sure to Ask

  • Employers behavior reference tests through contacting a job candidate’s skilled and private connections. The goal is to stronger understand the candidate’s potential, qualifications and demeanor.
  • Your reference determine questions should parent no matter if a candidate would slot in at your business. They can't pertain to your candidate’s personal suggestions.
  • Your business should still improve a method to make sure consistency among all reference checks and assess which questions to ask references.
  • this article is for business homeowners and hiring managers who are planning to conduct reference assessments for potential employees.
  • A job candidate may additionally ace the interview, however that doesn’t all the time make them a perfect employ. you can more suitable be aware an applicant’s compatibility with your business with the aid of checking their references, notably if you ask the correct questions. We’ll share 32 reference check questions that center of attention on a candidate’s efficiency and what it became like to manipulate and work alongside them. These questions can help ensure a a success hire and a constructive new group member.

    what's a reference assess?

    A reference investigate is when an service provider reaches out to americans who can shed light on a job candidate’s strengths and talk to their qualifications. These contacts tend to be old employers however additionally may also encompass college professors, longtime colleagues and other americans everyday with the applicant’s work. 

    As an organization, you may also locate that reference tests support paint a full graphic of a possible employ. unfortunately, individuals lie on their resumes now and again and current skills they don’t really possess. if you ask your applicant’s professional references the correct questions, you’ll be trained extra concerning the candidate’s skills and skills than you can from a standard job interview alone.

    Reference investigate desires consist of here: 

  • confirm the written or verbal guidance the expertise worker provided.
  • gain knowledge of in regards to the candidate’s expertise and strengths from someone other than the candidate.
  • collect suggestions in regards to the applicant’s job efficiency in past roles to predict their success at your company.
  • With all of this counsel, make sure you have a simpler time picking out which candidates to circulate ahead within the hiring system.

    Reference assessments can assist you avoid hiring horror studies and expensive personnel and management complications.

    What tips if you happen to ask a reference?

    When setting up your listing of reference check questions, be sure you determine the suggestions you wish to confirm in regards to the job candidate. You may be interested in the references’ insights in regards to the candidate on these themes:

  • Job performance
  • means to remember and observe instructions
  • ability to work smartly as a part of a crew
  • necessities for office behavior and ethics
  • hobbies, specialties and demeanor
  • capacity to give instructions and ensure that subordinates comply with them (in the event that they’re making use of for a management function)
  • the rest that stands out on the candidate’s resume or emerged right through their job interview
  • Some of these subject matters are extra appropriate to check with expert references; others may be greater appropriate to ask very own references. for instance, a former supervisor can speak to how smartly a candidate operates as part of a group, while a detailed pal or mentor can describe the candidate’s hobbies, specialties and demeanor.

    simply as there are particular questions be sure you not ever ask a job candidate, there are questions that you may’t ask a reference. You have to simplest ask questions that pertain to the job; inappropriate questions can discipline your company to discrimination claims. 

    trust right here problematical questions you should in no way ask references:

  • the rest involving demographics or personal tips: Don’t ask about a candidate’s sexuality, age, faith or equivalent matters.
  • anything else regarding very own health: Don’t ask about a candidate’s clinical background or the existence of disabilities. that you could ask whether the candidate is capable of performing the initiatives the job requires.
  • anything else related to credit rankings: however that you would be able to request a credit score score from a job applicant, the reasonable credit Reporting Act bars you from asking references about an applicant’s credit score rating.
  • the rest related to household: Don’t ask even if a candidate has (or plans to have) little ones or a significant other. if you worry that a job applicant with a family could not have satisfactory time for the job, ask references if they feel the job’s time demands will suit the candidate.
  • Gathering references is a crucial step to making certain you're making the most effective hiring selections for your vacant positions. check out these different counsel for hiring the ideal personnel to build your group as readily as possible.

    32 reference verify inquiries to ask

    Now that you be aware of what tips to request from a reference, you’re able to advance your checklist of reference determine questions. below are 32 normal reference assess questions to use. You may also feel some don’t practice to your enterprise, but be sure you speak along with your hiring manager earlier than putting off any questions.

    Introductory reference investigate questions
  • Is there any counsel you and/or your company are unwilling or unable to provide me about the candidate?
  • if you can’t share any counsel with me, are you able to join me with any former employees who worked carefully with the candidate?
  • can you verify the candidate’s employment beginning and conclusion dates, salary and job title?
  • what's your relationship to the candidate, and how did you first meet?
  • Reference check questions for attending to understand the reference
  • for how lengthy have you labored at your company?
  • for a way long have you had your existing job title?
  • for a way long did you work with the candidate, and in what capacities?
  • are you able to think of any causes I should still be speakme with an extra reference as a substitute of yourself?
  • efficiency-linked reference assess questions
  • What positions did the candidate have whereas at your company?
  • In what roles did the candidate delivery and conclusion?
  • What did these roles entail?
  • What were essentially the most challenging constituents of the candidate’s roles at your company?
  • How did the candidate face these challenges and other boundaries?
  • What are the candidate’s skilled strengths, and how did they benefit your company?
  • In what areas does the candidate want improvement?
  • Do you think the candidate is qualified for this job, and why or why now not?
  • Reference verify questions to ask managers
  • for how lengthy did you directly or not directly control the candidate?
  • In what methods become managing the candidate easy, and in what methods became it difficult?
  • How did the candidate grow all through their time working below you?
  • What guidance do you have got for managing this candidate?
  • Reference assess questions to ask personnel who stated to your candidate
  • for a way lengthy did the candidate manipulate you, and in what potential?
  • What did you adore most and least about the candidate’s administration trend?
  • How did the candidate’s management style aid you develop and learn?
  • How might the candidate have stronger managed you and your co-worker's?
  • Reference assess inquiries to ask co-laborers
  • for how lengthy have been you among the candidate’s colleagues, and in what potential?
  • What did you love most and least about working with the candidate?
  • How did you develop and study whereas working with the candidate?
  • How did the candidate aid you and your other colleagues?
  • In what methods could the candidate were a stronger co-employee to you and your colleagues?
  • Reference verify questions about ethics and behavior
  • Why did the candidate depart your company?
  • Did this candidate’s behavior lead to any office conflicts or circumstances of questionable ethics?
  • If the opportunity arose, would you be willing and/or in a position to rehire the candidate, and why or why not?
  • simply as which you could speak with your hiring manager about probably eliminating definite questions from this checklist, that you could focus on adding different questions. so long as any further questions shed light on how your candidate would function all through employment with your enterprise and also you don’t ask for personal counsel, there’s a good probability you’re asking the right questions.

    Some candidates may need greater scrutiny than others. Some employers habits background exams to assess job candidates and their credentials.

    a way to habits a reference verify

    if you come to a decision to verify references for new hires, enforce a proper process at your enterprise. this can streamline the system of obtaining your candidates’ references. From start to conclude, your hiring group should still comply with these steps to conduct a radical reference examine:

  • come to a decision what number of references to achieve from every applicant. Two or three should suffice.
  • include a piece for references in each job utility. Ask candidates to consist of their references’ full names, phone numbers, e mail addresses and relationship to the candidate.
  • Get permission to contact the reference. consist of a clause for your job software that the applicant signs to offer you permission to contact their references. you'll want to also email a reference to get their permission to ask them questions about the candidate.
  • come to a decision even if you’ll behavior your reference assessments by mobile or e-mail. whereas sending questions by way of electronic mail will store your enterprise time — particularly in case you have a common listing of questions you ship to all references — verbal tests by the use of cell or video chat, or even in-grownup meetings, can provide you with a clearer realizing of a candidate.
  • improve a listing of reference examine questions. accept as true with the checklist above to assess potential questions.
  • be careful for red flags. not every candidate is entirely honest on their resume, so do your analysis before contacting a reference.
  • set up a common observe-taking manner. Don’t predict to remember every single issue you mentioned during a reference examine. Work together with your hiring team to enhance a word-taking format and manner the whole team can remember and use.
  • If an organization discovers that a job candidate misrepresented their qualifications or lied on their resume, they can rescind the job offer.

    Reference exams help employers make first rate hiring decisions

    Reference assessments offer you an opportunity to fill gaps that come up whilst you’re attending to be aware of a candidate all the way through the interview manner. talking to an applicant’s personal references can inform you in the event that they’re the appropriate healthy and aid you evade a expensive unhealthy rent. by means of allowing you to discover the candidate’s administration trend or choosing how they’ll reply below power, reference tests can tell you tons more than an interview on my own. 

    when you’ve conducted reference checks on all your job candidates, make sure you have all the information you deserve to decide which one is most efficient for the job and attain out with a proper job present letter. If the candidate accepts, congratulate them and yourself — and begin your onboarding process.

    Natalie Hamingson contributed to this article.


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