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Exam Detail:
The ACA-CloudNative (Alibaba Cloud Native Certification) exam is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of professionals in cloud-native application development and deployment on the Alibaba Cloud platform. Here are the exam details for the ACA-CloudNative exam:

- Number of Questions: The exam typically consists of 60 multiple-choice questions.

- Time Limit: The time allocated to complete the exam is 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

Course Outline:
The ACA-CloudNative certification course provides a comprehensive understanding of various topics related to cloud-native development and deployment on Alibaba Cloud. The course outline generally includes the following areas:

1. Cloud Native Architecture and Principles:
- Introduction to cloud-native computing.
- Understanding cloud-native architecture principles and patterns.
- Microservices architecture and containerization.

2. Alibaba Cloud Native Services:
- Overview of Alibaba Cloud native services.
- Service capabilities and usage scenarios.
- Integration with other Alibaba Cloud services.

3. Cloud Native Application Development:
- Introduction to cloud-native application development.
- Developing and deploying applications using containers.
- Utilizing orchestration tools like Kubernetes.

4. DevOps and CI/CD:
- DevOps principles and practices.
- Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
- Implementing CI/CD pipelines on Alibaba Cloud.

5. Service Mesh and Observability:
- Introduction to service mesh technologies.
- Implementing service mesh using Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh.
- Observability and monitoring of cloud-native applications.

6. Security and Governance:
- Security considerations in cloud-native architecture.
- Implementing security measures on Alibaba Cloud.
- Governance and compliance in cloud-native environments.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the ACA-CloudNative exam are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' understanding of cloud-native architecture principles and patterns.
- Evaluating candidates' knowledge of Alibaba Cloud native services and their usage.
- Testing candidates' proficiency in developing and deploying cloud-native applications on Alibaba Cloud.
- Assessing candidates' familiarity with DevOps practices, CI/CD pipelines, and container orchestration.
- Evaluating candidates' understanding of service mesh, observability, and security in cloud-native environments.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific exam syllabus for the ACA-CloudNative exam covers the following topics:

1. Cloud Native Architecture and Principles:
- Cloud-native computing concepts and principles.
- Microservices architecture and containerization.
- Cloud-native design patterns.

2. Alibaba Cloud Native Services:
- Alibaba Cloud native service overview.
- Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), and Function Compute.
- Service capabilities, features, and use cases.

3. Cloud Native Application Development:
- Containerization and container management.
- Kubernetes and other orchestration tools.
- Cloud-native application development practices.

4. DevOps and CI/CD:
- DevOps principles and practices.
- Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
- Container registry and artifact management.

5. Service Mesh and Observability:
- Service mesh concepts and implementations.
- Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh.
- Observability, logging, and monitoring.

6. Security and Governance:
- Security considerations in cloud-native architecture.
- Alibaba Cloud security services.
- Governance and compliance in cloud-native environments.

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ACA-CloudNative Sample Questions

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ACA Cloud Native Certification
Question: 43
Why is an RDMA network advantageous for machine learning tasks? Score 2
A . Because it will accelerate the speed of communication between each node
B . Because it will improve the performance of an ML job
C . Because it will save costs
Answer: A
Question: 44
How do you collect application log data using Log Service? Score 2
A . Configure Kubernetes standard output in Import Data by Log Service console
B . Configure where to store logs in each pod
Answer: A
Question: 45
What does centralized nature of monolithic applications lead to?
A . able to scale applications independently, independent application development and deployment, can use diverse
technologies for application
B . able to scale out per module or per service
C . support agile software development, when we deploy new feature to existing monolith app only duration around 5
second for new traffic
D . In the lack of being able to scale applications independently, inter-application dependencies that hinder
independent application development and deployment, reliability issues due to the centralized nature and the
constraints on using diverse technologies for application
Answer: A
Question: 46
Which of the following dashboards are provided by Log Service by default? (Number of correct answers: 4) Score 2
A . Ingress Access Center
B . Kubernetes Event Center
C . Ingress Exception Center
D . Ingress Monitoring Center for Blue/Green Deployment
E . Infrastructure Resource Usage Monitoring
Answer: A,B,C,D
Question: 47
Which of the following are correct ways to generate a Log Service ingress dashboard?
(Number of correct answers: 2) Score 2
A . When creating an Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) cluster, an ingress dashboard can be
installed at creation time.
B . LogStore can be installed via app catalog.
C . The Logtail-ds component can be installed by using ACK cluster add-ons.
Answer: B,C
Question: 48
Which types of cluster templates can be chosen when creating Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)
clusters? (Number of correct answers: 6) Score 2
A . Standard Managed Cluster
B . Heterogeneous Compute Cluster (GPU)
C . Elastic Bare Metal Cluster (Bare-metal)
D . Edge Computing
E . Windows-Based Cluster
F . Standard Serverless Cluster
G . Gene Cluster
Answer: A,B,C,D,E,F
Question: 49
Which of the following statements are correct about running AI or Big Data related tasks on Alibaba Cloud Container
Service for Kubernetes (ACK)? (Number of correct answers: 4) Score 2
A . Heterogeneous computing is supported.
B . All major machine learning frameworks are supported.
C . Optimized K8S scheduling is provided for jobs running on the GP
D . For example, it can ensure pods are scheduled on the GPU node, provide shared GPU resources, isolate GPU
resources, and do co-scheduling.
E . GPU and shared GPU utilization can be monitored via Prometheus on Alibaba Cloud.
F . The "Arena" tool is developed by the community but integrated with Alibaba Cloud AC
Answer: A,B,C,D
Question: 50
Which of the following statements are correct about Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR)? (Number of correct
answers: 3)
A . ACR is able to replicate images across regions
B . ACR provides vulnerability scanning for uploaded images
C . ACR can manage helm charts
D . ACRs standard version includes cross-region image replication
Answer: A,B,C
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Fraudsters are duping homeless individuals into signing up for ACA plans they can't afford

Mary Zhelyazkova became shocked when pharmacists at Florida's biggest protection web medical institution noted they couldn't fill her prescription.

Zhelyazkova, forty, become dwelling at a homeless safeguard and obligatory Suboxone, a drugs to manipulate the signs of opioid withdrawal.

She pointed out she had been getting Suboxone on the Jackson Memorial health center pharmacy at no cost through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS software, which provides medical care at little or no charge to americans with HIV.

however at the conclusion of 2021, she pointed out, a stranger approached her at streetlevel and provided her $5 to check in for a "free" medical health insurance plan with Florida Blue. The person advised her to use a false handle and falsify her earnings so she may be seen as eligible for insurance, she observed.

When the plan took effect right here year, Zhelyazkova discovered the downsides.

Signing up for private coverage disqualified her from Ryan White insurance. And Florida Blue's issuer community did not include the health center pharmacy; she would deserve to go to Walgreens, which would require transportation. She'd also need to come up with a $20 copay, which she couldn't find the money for.

"I went into withdrawal. It changed into horrible," noted Zhelyazkova, who added that she went devoid of medicine for days, except a nonprofit needle exchange program paid for the drug.

Zhelyazkova is one of potentially a whole lot of homeless individuals in Florida who were approached through fee-looking for agents and brokers, who sign them up for zero-top rate health plans on the in your price range Care Act industry, in keeping with state insurance regulators, docs, and enrollment counselors.

The presumption is that dishonest agents and brokers are signing up homeless people to earn a income fee and that they are engaging in fraud by lying in regards to the enrollees' profits and home addresses.

And although the federal govt will pay the monthly premium for qualified low-revenue patrons on an ACA plan, the guidelines commonly come with copayments, deductibles, and different out-of-pocket fees that are unaffordable to individuals earning little to no earnings.

Amid an uptick in experiences, state and federal regulators are investigating circumstances of agents and brokers offering fraudulent tips on applications for ACA coverage.

The federal agency that oversees the ACA market observed that for the fiscal 12 months that ended Sept. 30, 2022, the agency obtained greater than 25,000 complaints from people who alleged that they had been enrolled in policies without their consent or that unsuitable counsel was submitted on an software by using an agent or broker. The centers for Medicare & Medicaid functions additionally mentioned it carried out greater than seven hundred license verifications to determine doubtlessly not easy brokers all through that equal duration.

Opportunistic recruitment of homeless people into ACA plans is surely in states like Florida, certainly one of 10 which have refused to expand eligibility for Medicaid to pretty much all low-income adults. in one case from 2015, a North Carolina agent signed up hundreds of homeless americans for ACA insurance. That state adopted Medicaid enlargement in March, even though the trade has no longer yet been applied.

In a ramification state, most single adults in poverty would qualify for Medicaid. In non-expansion states, together with Florida, patrons often must earn at least one hundred% of the federal poverty level to qualify for the health legislations's tax credit, which reduce month-to-month premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. In 2023, that could equate to $14,580 for a single adult and $24,860 for a household of three.

but having no income in the existing yr does not avert a buyer from projecting they will earn sufficient next 12 months to qualify for tax credit. consumers don't seem to be required to doc their earnings on a marketplace utility if executive facts shows their earnings changed into inadequate in prior years.

On the surface, it might probably look like uninsured homeless americans are gaining insurance, observed Sabrina Corlette, a fitness insurance plan professional at Georgetown tuition. "it truly is no longer such a nasty element," she noted.

but that doesn't make it a victimless crime. The federal govt finally ends up paying subsidies to health insurers to cover individuals who aren't qualified for the plans. meanwhile, individuals who're homeless lose eligibility for greater proper courses, like medical institution charity care and Ryan White. "this is a serious difficulty," Corlette noted.

doctors who work with homeless people additionally say disruptions in care put these patients vulnerable to relapse into drug use, a intellectual fitness crisis, or having to stop ongoing medication for continual illnesses, such as melanoma and diabetes.

"sufferers are caught during this condition where they can not have enough money copays under their coverage plan," noted David Serota, an infectious ailment professional on the school of Miami's Miller college of medication. "however they additionally can't get these functions through our courses for the indigent uninsured."

Serota sees patients at Jackson Memorial, a Miami-Dade County health center that offers charity care. in the past three years, he referred to, at the least 20 of his patients, and "many extra" considered through his colleagues, have been affected.

Canceling a new health protection and reapplying for public advantages can take weeks or months. And the disruption can improve suspicions marginalized communities have about the device, said Erin Richards, an authorized utility counselor and ACA software coordinator for Pinellas County, close Tampa. She has helped many americans reapply for a local software for homeless residents after they have been deceived into signing up for an ACA plan.

"We're working to get them to have confidence programs once again and get the care they need that they may additionally had been neglecting for a long time," Richards referred to.

brokers and brokers have signed up ineligible buyers for ACA coverage due to the fact industry enrollment began in fall 2013. "it be simply not been at the stage that we have now seen these days," pointed out Katie Roders Turner, an enrollment navigator and government director of the family Healthcare basis, a Tampa nonprofit that helps low-revenue residents access free or within your means care.

Richards and Turner mentioned the health insurer they see most commonly amongst homeless individuals is Florida Blue, the state's greatest medical health insurance enterprise. Fifteen organizations present plans in Florida on the ACA industry. only Florida Blue offers insurance in all of the state's sixty seven counties.

A Florida Blue govt said the company's compliance team investigates "individuals who wrongfully sign in consumers for health care insurance," but did not reply to questions about how regularly such fraud happens.

the most usual way agents get hold of fee is on a per-member, per-month basis. That skill that for every client an agent or broking service signals up, they get hold of a monthly fee for so long as that buyer is enrolled.

Most plans pay $20 to $30 per member per 30 days, estimates Dave Sherrill, an insurance broker and govt director of the Florida association of health Underwriters.

Florida insurance regulators are investigating instances with police and CMS, observed Devin Galetta, communications director for the state's branch of fiscal functions and Chief fiscal Officer.

when you consider that 2020, the state has got three consumer complaints in regards to the problem, in South Florida and the Tampa and Gainesville areas, Galetta stated. No "arrests or administrative motion" were taken, he mentioned.

but Turner issues the incidents are not being stated. This classification of fraud can also be tricky to examine, she stated, as a result of victims who are homeless may well be scared of law enforcement or unwilling or unable to keep up with the reporting required to doc such crimes.

"that's been a large challenge," Turner spoke of.

New federal guidelines, finalized in April, require brokers and brokers to document that the buyers they check in for coverage are eligible and to ascertain the accuracy of utility assistance.

CMS investigates agents and brokers recognized as potentially not easy via information analytics or purchaser complaints, Ellen Montz, deputy administrator and director of the core for buyer assistance and insurance Oversight at CMS, said in an electronic mail.

The company can droop or terminate an agent or broker's capability to sell plans on the market or refer them to legislations enforcement, Montz mentioned.

however Corlette, the Georgetown knowledgeable, was astonished at how long it took CMS to require brokers and brokers to doc purchaser consent for industry insurance. "it is fantastic that right here we're practically 10 years in," she noted, "and that they're just now getting around to it."

Montz talked about CMS worked with marketplace fitness insurers to cancel more than 34,000 fraudulent guidelines in 2022, although it's unknown what number of of these situations involved homeless patrons.

Richards, the ACA software coordinator near Tampa, pointed out recently fraud on homeless individuals has happened so often that she drafted a customer alert in March to warn of "bad actors."

In Miami, Zhelyazkova is once once again enrolled in Ryan White, in addition to an opioid use sickness medication application at a homeless guard. among the many considerations she has to navigate, she stated, are the frequent pitches from strangers who offer her cash to check in for "free insurance."

Zhelyazkova's roommate on the preserve, 53-12 months-old Kathryn Knox, echoed her grievance.

"they are getting people continuously," Knox talked about, adding that over the years she had been paid to sign up for an ACA plan "probably, like, 5 times."

2023 KFF health information.

distributed with the aid of Tribune content material company, LLC.

quotation: Fraudsters are duping homeless americans into signing up for ACA plans they can't have the funds for (2023, June sixteen) retrieved 4 July 2023 from

This document is discipline to copyright. apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private analyze or research, no part could be reproduced with out the written permission. The content is equipped for suggestions purposes handiest.


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