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Hyperion Enterprise 5 Certification
Answer: B
Question: 128
Which function allows you to write to an Enterprise database?
Answer: B
Question: 129
Which Point-of-View menu permanently alters a Point-of-View within a book?
A. Edit, Point-of-View
B. Edit, Insert Section
C. Edit, Insert Change
D. Edit, Formula-Dimension Expressions
Answer: C
Question: 130
Which two statements about Compound Reports are true? (Choose two.)
A. Compound Reports can be used in Hyperion Schedules.
B. The Compound Report template can be modified by using View ?Layout.
C. With the correct Compound Report template, up to six reports can appear on the
same page.
D. All embedded reports must have columns and rows defined before the report can
be generated.
Answer: B, D
Question: 131
Which two functions can produce a report that includes only Elimination entities?
(Choose two.)
C. A Fixed Name List
D. A Dynamic Name List
Answer: C, D
Question: 132
A cell containing an HPVAL formula in a Hyperion Retrieve worksheet returns a
"#VALUE". What could cause this condition? (Choose two.)
A. It has an invalid dimension label.
B. The RHXLL32.DLL file is missing.
C . It has an incorrect order of arguments.
D. The system cannot find a valid HPAPP.DAT file.
Answer: A, C
Question: 133
To combine data from two or more Enterprise applications on a single report, what
Retrieve or Reporting features are used to retrieve data?
A. Retrieve, HPLNK function
B. Retrieve, HPVAL function
C. Reporting, Compound Reports
D. Reporting, Standard Report w/ @APP function
Answer: B
Question: 134
Which two Financial functions use the Account attribute defined in the Enterprise
application? (Choose two.)
Answer: A, C
Question: 135
When designing a Variance report comparing Actual to Budget to Lastyr, which
dynamic Period fuction produces the correct result for all three categories?
Answer: A
Question: 136
Click the Exhibit button. A user checks the CHART method in an Enterprise
application and receives the error displayed in the Error Log in the exhibit. What
caused the error?
A. Someone else has CHART open.
B. There are no formulas in CHART.
C. There are invalid formulas in CHART.
D. The user does not have security access to CHART.
Answer: A
Question: 137
Where can ACE methods be maintained? (Choose two)
A. Within a text file
B. Within the ACE Admin utility
C. Within the CHARTDSM method
D. Within the Task menu option in the Formulas module
Answer: A, B
Question: 138
Which default Enterprise method is appropriate to contain the override of the
application defaults for currency conversions?
Answer: A
Question: 139
Which function provides the periodic value?
Answer: B
Question: 140
How should the flags be set for the historical common stock account to correctly
reflect the value of common stock at the translated level? (Choose two.)
A. Currency Flag on
B. Currency Flag off
C. Consolidate Flag on
D. Consolidate Flag off
Answer: B, C
Question: 141
A client makes a change to the default CHART method, saves, and successfully
checks it. Which two statements about the consolidation status flags are true?
(Choose two.)
A. OK entities will change to LOGIC
B. OK base entities will change to CALC
C. LOCKED entities will change to CALC
D. OK parent entities will change to IMPACTED
Answer: B, D
Question: 142
Click the Exhibit button. Given the Method File, the Data Entry screen, and the
account attributes in the exhibits, what is the value after executing logic in the
account NETINCOME?
A. 1,800
B. 2,000
C. 2,500
D. 3,200
Answer: B
Question: 143
Click the Exhibit button.
GROSSMARGINPERCENT equal in February on a periodic and YTD basis?
A. 35 and 44
B. 75 and 80
C. 80 and 48
D. 80 and 78
Answer: D
Question: 144
Click the Exhibit button. Given the REPORT.SCH file in the exhibit, which point-
of-view can be used within Hyperion Schedules? (Choose two.)
A. Account=SALARY
B. Entity=GTS, Account=GROSSSALES
D. Entity=GTS, Account=GROSSSALES, Category=ACTUAL
Answer: A, C
Question: 145
In Enterprise, if users cannot extract journals, which journal items can be sent to
headquarters via site management?
A. Journal data residing in the database
B. Journal debits, credits, and description
C. All journal detail except for creation and post dates
D. No journal information or data residing in the database
Answer: A
Question: 146
After running an allocation, what happens to the data from the allocation source?
A. It is posted.
B. It is removed.
C. It is not removed.
D. It is reduced by the allocation.
Answer: C
Question: 147
Which file contains the information about the server and its settings?
A. HSvrCtrl.dat
B. XASvrCtl.dat
D. Application.SVR
Answer: A
Question: 148
Excluding sending keystrokes, which tasks can be performed via AutoPilot?
(Choose three.)
A. Printing a book
B. Posting journals
C. Consolidating data
D. Writing to a specific file
E. Running intercompany matching report
Answer: A, C, D
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4H0-200 Hyperion exam syllabus

4H0-200 Hyperion exam syllabus :: Article Creator

Use A Syllabus

Would you pay lots of greenbacks for a category and make investments a whole lot of hours if you didn’t understand what fabric became going to be coated, or when the quizzes and exams have been, and what become considered a passing grade? Most individuals wouldn’t, yet day by day lots of of americans pretty much do this once they show up for flight training and it's performed with out the advantage of a syllabus.

in case you’re no longer already a subscriber, what are you looking ahead to? Subscribe nowadays to get the issue as quickly because it is launched in both Print or Digital formats.


Is a syllabus required for flight working towards? The FAA does not mandate the use of a syllabus beneath part sixty one. however,beneath part 141, pilot colleges are required to make use of a structured training application that contains a syllabus. The aspects and talents necessities of components 61 and 141 are similar—the journey requirements are a little bit different, although, as a personal pilot applicant who has expert below half 141 can qualify to take the verify experience at 35 hours, as in comparison to 40 hours below half 61.

Is a syllabus advantageous for practising? yes, it is. It’s like a highway map for each instructor and learner, showing you the place you are heading in practicing and what milestones await. below half 61, the CFI can create their personal syllabus the usage of the FARs and the standards for the certificates or score they're teaching, or they can purchase an off-the-shelf product like a syllabus from Jeppesen, Cessna, Sporty’s, or King faculties.

Ostensibly, these syllabi had been designed to get the applicant via working towards in the minimal amount of time. They are sometimes used partly 141 classes. therefore, the syllabus suggests the minimal time that should still be spent on each lesson and the aspects that need to be lined. under half 141, the syllabus has to be strictly followed, and this lack of flexibility can make it problematic to adjust for weather, scholar and/or medical certification delays, and mechanical concerns.

there is nothing that claims a CFI can’t take a syllabus that turned into designed for half 141 guide and practice it all through part sixty one practising. indeed, many CFIs who trained at 141 classes however went on to teach below sixty one often use the syllabus they expert with at their area of employment; besides the fact that children, they don’t have to adhere to the part 141 time constraints or sequence requirements.

CFIs who create their personal syllabus can regulate for towered vs. nontowered airports, airspace, device purchasable, weather, their teaching fashion, and the potential acquisition trend of learners. commonly these syllabi are adjusted as the teacher’s journey adjustments.

Rod Machado, flight instructor, aviation writer, and humorist, created a syllabus that dovetails into his popular on-line floor school. “a great syllabus covers what's fundamental and no unnecessary issues,” says Machado.“A flight teacher can seem on the distinct syllabi accessible and find the one it really is most useful and dispose of what is not for the practising they are featuring. The syllabus gives the CFI information, but they shouldn’t be the use of it to just investigate the packing containers. They need to tailor the lesson to the learner and not be a slave to the syllabus.”

the way a syllabus items the information is vital, says Machado, who advocates the building block approach, which organizes practicing that begins with the most basic projects—equivalent to takeoffs, climbs, turns, and descents—and builds on them as the learner’s ability and experience grow. “The syllabus additionally should also be time ‘do-competent,’ as the size of the instructions need to make sense and be functional. they could’t be too lengthy.”

are you able to imagine strolling into a school lecture room and the instructor asking, “What we could do today?” A variation of that happens all the time when a syllabus is not used, says Michael McCurdy, proprietor and CEO of CHS Flight faculty at Charleston foreign Airport (KCHS) in South Carolina.

“If the CFI became no longer informed the usage of a syllabus, there's a good opportunity they gained’t use it to instruct their newcomers. that you could inform this has took place when the CFI greets the learner by asking, ‘What do you wish to do today?’ and the client replies, ‘You’re the instructor, shouldn’t you be aware of what we’re going to do?’”

McCurdy’s college operates under half 61 with a syllabus created in-condo, developed around the usage of the Redbird FMX as a methods trainer. The newbies gain potential on the ground where the teacher can control the climate, then circulation out to the aircraft—and are stronger prepared. This results in short progress and successful examine rides.

Flight guideline is a 2d profession for McCurdy—his first was law enforcement. He has been a CFI for 20 years and says the rookies—no longer the instructors—get the most out of the syllabus.

“when you are equipped and have event, probably you, the CFI, don’t need a syllabus—however the newbies respect the use of one so they know where they're at and what's down the highway for them.”

McCurdy’s school regularly picks up purchasers who had been practicing elsewhere and not using a syllabus and left as a result of they didn’t suppose they had been making growth. Some CFIs compare this to enjoying soccer and never figuring out where the intention posts are.

“the shortcoming of a syllabus right through my preliminary practising resulted in uncertainty on my half about what was required and the place i was when it comes to progress,” recalls Karen Kalishek, chairman of the national association of Flight Instructors, a chosen pilot examiner, and an airline transport pilot. “When my teacher went on vacation, the lessons with a replacement had been generally redundant in view that there had been no tracking.”

“In these days’s ambiance with fast turnover of CFIs—which makes it greater doubtless that a learner will journey transition to one more basic flight instructor—I particularly recommend using a syllabus,” Kalishek continues. “it is a device to song development, boost effectivity, save practicing dollars and guide first rate communique between the instructor and learner.

this article changed into initially published within the March 2023 difficulty 935 of  FLYING.

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