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Exam Name: Nokia NRS II Composite Exam

Exam Number: 4A0-C01

Credit Towards Certifications: Nokia Network Routing Specialist II

Nokia Service Routing Architect

Mandatory Exam Prerequisites: N/A

Exam Duration: 120 minutes

Exam Appointment Duration: 165 minutes. This is the exam duration plus a 45 minute tutorial on computer-based examinations.

Number of Questions: 70

Language: English

- Demonstrate a basic overall understanding of link state protocols

- Express a basic overall understanding of IP routing design

- Describe the various routing protocol databases (routing, forwarding and link state)

- Demonstrate an understanding of route redistribution and route filter policies

- Understand static and default routes

- Explain the basic operations of OSPF and implementation and operability of OSPF in a network

- Understand OSPF in basic and complex network topologies

- Understand OSPFv3

- Understand single and multi area networks in OSPFv3

- Explain the basic operations of IS-IS, and implementation and operability of IS-IS in a network

- Understand IS-IS for IPv6

- Define the differences between IS-IS and OSPF

- Understand OSPF operations and OSPF routing issues

- Understand networking utilizing a combination of OSPF and IS-IS

- Understand IPv6 basics and IPv6 addressing

- Explain the basic concepts of MPLS technology such as forwarding equivalence classes (FECs), labels and label stacks, label distribution, LSPs and MPLS packet forwarding

- Describe the MPLS header structure and explain the label operations of pop, push and swap

- List the characteristics of different label distribution protocols and compare them

- Explain how LDP works to distribute labels for FECs and establish LSPs

- Describe traffic engineering and its advantage in an MPLS network.

- Identify the traffic engineering extensions made to the IGP routing protocols and understand how they are used with CSPF to establish traffic engineered LSPs

- Demonstrate how RSVP-TE is used to establish traffic engineered LSPs using RSVP signaling messages to distribute labels, specify constraints for the LSP and request LSP protection mechanisms

- Describe the concept of a shared risk link group (SRLG) and its use in traffic engineering

- State the purpose of using LDP over RSVP tunnels to provide traffic engineering in a hierarchical network

- Configure an MPLS-based core network using LDP, RSVP-TE, and LDP over RSVP

- List the various LSP protection mechanisms (Secondary/ Standby LSP, fast reroutes)

- Describe MPLS for IP routing (MPLS shortcuts)

- Configure 6PE on a network of 7750 SRs

- Configure RSVP-TE LSPs using each of the possible protection mechanisms

- Understand how to manage, monitor and perform basic troubleshooting of LDP-established LSPs on the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) and Nokia 7450 Ethernet Service Switch (ESS)

- Understand how to manage, monitor and perform basic troubleshooting of RSVP-TE-established LSPs on the Nokia 7750 SR and Nokia 7450 ESS

- Demonstrate a basic overall understanding of Nokia services

- Differentiate between service access point (SAP) and network ports

- Provide an explanation for a service delivery point (SDP) and differentiate between mesh and spoke SDPs

- Differentiate between transport tunnels and service tunnels

- Correctly analyze the implications of maximum transmission unit (MTU) size

- Use the correct operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) tools to analyze a configured system

- Correctly define the terms related to VPWS services such as Epipe, Apipe, Fpipe, and Ipipe

- Correctly configure an Epipe service

- Manage Epipe services given an existing infrastructure including modifying, deleting, disabling, re-enabling, and creating these services

- Explain the issues related to VPWS interworking

- Describe the purpose and operation of a VPLS service

- Explain the different types of SAP encapsulations and describe their behavior

- Correctly configure a VPLS service

- Define and configure an Internet enhanced service (IES)

- Configure an IES spoke termination to a VPLS service

- Identify reasons to use mirror services and differentiate between local and distributed mirror services

- Configure and verify the operation of a remote mirror service

- Identify the protocols and technologies required to implement VPRN service

- Explain the interaction between the control and data plane of a VPRN service

- Configure, verify, and troubleshoot an IPv4 and IPv6 VPRN service

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Nokia NRS II Composite Exam
Question: 114
What type of OSPFv3 LSA is shown?
A . Router LSA
B . Network LSA
C . Inter-Area LSA
D . Link LSA
Answer: B
Question: 115
What event causes an OSPF adjacency to change from down to two way?
A . The router receives a link-state update in response to a link-state request.
B . The router receives a hello packet from its neighbor that contains its own router ID in the neighbor list.
C . The router receives a database description packet from its neighbor.
D . The router receives a link-state acknowledgment in response to a link-state update.
Answer: B
Question: 116
Which of the following best describes the type of packets used by OSPF routers to exchange updates on a point-to-
point link?
A . IP packets sent to an IP multicast address.
B . TCP packets sent to an IP multicast address.
C . Ethernet frames sent to an Ethernet MAC address.
D . UDP packets sent to an IP multicast address.
Answer: A
Question: 117
Your client has asked you to update their PeopleCode programs to replace outdated system variables with current
system variables.
Which system variable replaces %OperatorId?
A . %Session
B . %CurrentUser
C . %UserId
D . %SessionUser
E . %SessionId
F . %SignonUserId
Answer: C
Question: 118 is a loopback interface configured into router R2s OSPF area 0. A ping from router R3 to this loopback
Which of the following is a possible solution to the problem?
A . Add the “originate-default-route option in the NSSA area configuration on router R3.
B . Add the “summaries option to the NSSA area configuration on router R1.
C . Configure a static route on router R1 to
D . Configure a default route on router R2.
Answer: B
Question: 119
OSPF is operational on all links in the network diagram, all links have the same cost and all routers are configured
with an ECMP value of 4. Router R4 advertises the prefix into OSPF.
How many entries for prefix will be in router R1s routing table?
A . 0
B . 1
C . 2
D . 3
E . 4
Answer: B
Question: 120
Which router is the backup designated router for the broadcast network?
A .
B .
C .
D . There is not enough information given to determine the backup designated router.
Answer: D
Question: 121
In the topology shown, router R1 is an ASBR configured to export external routes to OSPF.
Assuming that there are no stub or NSSA networks, which of the following statements regarding LSAs is true?
A . Only router R1 will generate Type 4 LSAs.
B . Only router R3 will generate Type 4 LSAs.
C . Routers R3 and R6 will generate Type 4 LSAs.
D . Routers R1, R3 and R6 will generate Type 4 LSAs.
Answer: C
Question: 122
Router R2 learns the networks shown from IS-IS. Router R2 is configured to redistribute routes from IS-IS to OSPF
as shown.
How many OSPF Type 5 LSAs will router R1 receive from router R2? Assume the OSPF and IS-IS adjacencies are
A . 0
B . 1
C . 2
D . 3
E . 4
Answer: D
Question: 123
IS-IS IPv6 routing is configured in the network with globally routed addresses as shown.
How many routes will router R4 have in its IPv6 route table?
A . 1
B . 2
C . 3
D . 4
E . 6
F . 7
Answer: B
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