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Apache Webserver
The following is an example of what type of CGI script?
#Hello, World! Script echoContent-type: text/html echo
Hello, World!

Hello, World!'
A. PHP script
B. HTML scipt
C. Shell script
D. JavaScript
E. Perl script
Answer: C
Joni, a system administrator, would like to test a Web server to see how it will withstand a
load of 100 simultaneous hits. Which command would she most likely use?
A. ab -<100
B. ab -L100
C. ab 100
D. ab 100
E. ab -n100
Answer: E
Justin has entered the following lines into httpd.conf, but he is not sure what exactly these
new lines will do. Which of the following will be caused by the lines Justin entered?
(Choose two)
ExpiresActive on
ExpiresByType text/html M604800
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
A. JPG images will expire after a month in the client's cache.
B. JPG images will expire after a week of non-use.
C. JPG images will expire a month from the time they were changed.
D. HTML documents will remain active for a week from the time they were changed.
E. HTML documents will remain active for a month from the time they were changed.
F. HTML documents will remain active for a week in the client's cache.
Answer: A, B
Which of the following will occur if the StartServer Apache directive is set to five?
A. Five instances of mod_quickstart.o will be started.
B. Five child processes will be started for every request.
C. Five child processes will be started when Apache starts.
D. Five virtual hosts will be started for every request.
Answer: C
Which of the following is NOT an option that is supported by the Linux apachectl script?
A. start
B. restart
C. stop
D. graceful
E. kill
Answer: E
An administrator wishes to install a new Apache module without recompiling Apache. He
wants the modules automatically placed in the proper locations and the appropriate
directive added in the httpd.conf file. Which of the following utilities will allow the
administrator to accomplish this task?
A. apmodprobe
B. apxs
C. apachectl
D. apconfig
E. apbuild
Answer: B
Using a name-based virtual host, how does a client make a request to the desired host?
A. The client listens for a particular IP address that is set in the httpd.conf file.
B. The client requests are compared to the server's /etc/hosts file.
C. The client browser provides the host header, which the server matches against the list
of virtual hosts.
D. The client browser provides a virtual script that includes the desired port number.
Answer: C
Eddy is maintaining a large Apache server used for holding and transferring files via the
Web. He has accumulated many archive files with the tar.gz extension and would like to
prevent them from being shown when directories are listed. Which line could he add to
either httpd.conf or .htaccess to accomplish this?
A. IndexHide "tar.gz
B. IndexHide "-tar.gz"
C. IndexIgnore *.tar.gz
D. IndexIgnore!.tar.gz
E. IndexList no .tar.gz
F. IndexList !tar.gz off
Answer: C
Which of the following modules MUST be compiled into the Apache server?
A. http_core.c
B. apache_so.c
C. charset_so.c
D. tcpip_core.c
Answer: A
A system administrator has entered the directive below into httpd.conf. Which of the
following will she have to type into the browser to get the aliased page? Assume the file
access permissions are set correctly. Alias /html/ /user/local/my_dir/my_html/
A. http://localhost/
B. http://localhost/html/
C. http://localhost/usr/local/html
D. http://localhost/my_dir/html
Answer: B
Apache servers a document according to certain characteristics provided by the
requesting browser. These characteristics of the document are called the document's
dimensions. What dimension is used when Apache serves a request from a browser that
has a preference for gzip compressed document?
A. type
B. encoding
C. compression
D. format
Answer: B
You are the system administrator of an Apache server that houses the Web site
linuxsite.org. This site allows users with normal accounts to have home pages, and it
houses several other mission critical Web sites. A user, Joe, has a home page that requires
a change in one of the Apache configuration directives. Joe wants to allow or deny access
to his home page based on a username/password combination. Which of the following is
the best way to implement this change?
A. Allow Joe to configure the appropriate .htaccess file.
B. Install the mod_runtime_auth module and allow Joe to make the appropriate changes
to httpd.conf.
C. Make the appropriate changes to httpd.conf file and restart httpd.
D. Make the appropriate changes to the global .htaccess file and restart httpd.
Answer: A
Which of the following represents a security concern of programming CGI scripts using
the C programming language?
A. C programs must run with setuid root.
B. If the program receives more data then the amount of memory it has allocated, a buffer
overflow can cause the program to exit to a shell on the server.
C. Many early C compilers lack the ability to dynamically alter file permissions, which
result in many C programs running with root permissions.
D. CGI scripts written in C compile at runtime on the client system, which makes the
client vulnerable.
E. If the server and client do not have identical compiler versions; the lesser compiler is
used, which may known exploits.
Answer: B
Jan wants her Apache server to be able to handle multiple requests over a single TCP
connection. Which of the following would allow her to do this?
A. Expirations
B. BrowserMatch
C. KeepAlive
D. PersistentConnect
E. ChunkEncode
Answer: C
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