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Exam Specification: 31860X Avaya IX Calling Design

Exam Name: 31860X Avaya IX Calling Design
Exam Code: 31860X
Exam Duration: 90 minutes
Passing Score: 80%
Exam Format: Multiple-choice
Exam Delivery: Proctored online or at a testing center

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Avaya IX Calling
- Overview of Avaya IX Calling solution
- Key features and benefits
- Architecture and components

2. Avaya IX Calling Design Fundamentals
- Understanding design principles and best practices
- Identifying customer requirements
- Assessing network infrastructure for Avaya IX Calling

3. Avaya IX Calling Planning and Configuration
- Planning dial plans and numbering schemes
- Call routing and call handling configuration
- Integrating with existing telephony systems

4. Avaya IX Calling Deployment and Implementation
- Installation and configuration of Avaya IX Calling components
- User provisioning and device registration
- Testing and troubleshooting

5. Avaya IX Calling Security and Compliance
- Overview of security considerations in Avaya IX Calling
- Implementing authentication and access control
- Compliance requirements and configurations

Exam Objectives:

1. Demonstrate understanding of Avaya IX Calling solution architecture and components.
2. Apply design principles and best practices for Avaya IX Calling deployment.
3. Analyze customer requirements and design appropriate dial plans and numbering schemes.
4. Configure call routing and call handling in Avaya IX Calling.
5. Integrate Avaya IX Calling with existing telephony systems.
6. Install, configure, and troubleshoot Avaya IX Calling components.
7. Provision users and register devices in Avaya IX Calling.
8. Implement security measures and comply with relevant regulations in Avaya IX Calling.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Avaya IX Calling Overview (10%)
- Avaya IX Calling solution components
- Key features and benefits
- Integration options with other Avaya solutions

Section 2: Avaya IX Calling Design Principles (20%)
- Design considerations for Avaya IX Calling deployment
- Planning dial plans and numbering schemes
- Assessing network infrastructure requirements

Section 3: Avaya IX Calling Configuration (25%)
- Configuring call routing and call handling
- Implementing advanced features and customization options
- Integrating Avaya IX Calling with existing telephony systems

Section 4: Avaya IX Calling Deployment and Implementation (25%)
- Installing and configuring Avaya IX Calling components
- Provisioning users and registering devices
- Testing and troubleshooting

Section 5: Avaya IX Calling Security and Compliance (20%)
- Security considerations in Avaya IX Calling
- Implementing authentication and access control
- Complying with relevant regulations and standards

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Avaya IX Calling Design
Question: 32
A company needs to add 1200 users to an Avaya Aura® deployment, and wants the same level of audio and video
services for all users. But there is not enough bandwidth for audio and HD video calls for all of the existing and new
users. (Assume HD video uses 1 Mbps.)
What can they do to provide the same audio and video services to all users?
A. Decrease Minimum Multimedia Bandwidth to below 512 Kbps.
B. Increase Total Bandwidth parameter to 20 Mbps.
C. Increase Multimedia Bandwidth parameter to 10 Mbps.
D. Decrease Maximum Multimedia Bandwidth to below 512 Kbps.
Answer: D
Question: 33
A customer Is adding a branch location, and they have an Avaya Aura® core at their existing location. It is a
requirement that the equipment at the new branch location continues to provide service during WAN failures. This
includes the ability for callers to leave a voicemail message by having the call route from the new location over PRI to
the core location where the voicemail resides.
Assuming both locations have PRI and G450s, which Item needs to be included at the new location?
A. Standard Local Survivability
B. Survivable Remote server
C. Survivable Core server
D. Session Manager server
Answer: C
Question: 34
A design you are working on calls for several "G series" media gateways, and you have determined the number of
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources that are needed.
In which two ways can you determine how many "G series" gateways are needed in a design? (Choose two.)
A. Divide the calculated number of DSPs by 320 to determine how many G450s are needed.
B. Divide the calculated number of DSPs by 120 to determine how many G430s are needed.
C. Divide the calculated number of DSPs by 340 to determine how many G450S are needed.
D. Divide the calculated number of DSPs by 128 to determine how many G430s are needed.
Answer: B
Question: 35
You are interested in having multiple devices to register with the same extension number, but use only one user
Which three are required for the Multiple Device Access feature? (Choose three.)
A. Avaya Aura® Communication Manager
B. Avaya one-X® Client Enablement Services
C. Avaya Aura® Session Manager
D. Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services
E. Avaya Aura® System Manager
Answer: A,D,E
Question: 36
A customer has a main location and several remote locations with Avaya Aura® Survivable Remotes.
How many components can an Avaya IX™ IP Phone J169 SIP endpoint register to simultaneously?
A. Two Core Session Managers and a Communication Manager Survivable Core
B. Three Core Session Managers and a Branch Session Manager
C. Two Core Session Managers and a Branch Session Manager
D. Five Core Session Managers or Branch Session Managers
Answer: C
Question: 37
You have a customer who requires both SIP Trunking and Remote Workers. After examining the features needed
overall, you have determined that 700 Core Suite licenses are required. You still need to quote SBCE licenses, in
addition to the entitlements included with Core Suite licenses, to support a total of 120 PSTN SIP trunks and 330
remote workers. The customer has agreed to a 3 remote worker users to 1 session access basis.
How many additional standard and advanced a la carte SBCE licenses are needed? (Choose two.)
A. 30 SBCE Standard Licenses
B. 20 SBCE Standard Licenses
C. 10 SBCE Advanced Licenses
D. 20 SBCE Advanced Licenses
Answer: C
Question: 38
What is a benefit of Session Manager?
A. It centralizes the management of remote gateways.
B. It provides SIP application interoperability across multi-vendor equipment.
C. It provides traditional analog trunking to the edge devices.
D. It de-centralizes management of phones and users enterprise-wide.
Answer: A
Question: 39
You are creating a new Communication Manager design. You have included Avaya provided servers with G450
gateways. The solution requires 200 – H.323 telephones. Trunk service from the PSTN will be IP trunks. Shuffling
will be enabled. They have also requested call recording via Device Media Call Control (DMCC) application
programming interface.
To record all IP endpoints simultaneously, how many DSP resources are required?
A. 800 DSP resources
B. 600 DSP resources
C. 400 DSP resources
D. 200 DSP resources
Answer: A
Question: 40
You are reviewing a design done by another engineer, and want to be sure there are enough Touch Tone Receiver
(TTR) resources.
Which component of the design uses TTR resources?
B. 323 endpoints
C. SIP endpoints
D. Analog endpoints
E. SIP trunks
Answer: C
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